Think about people with fountains inside of them. Fountains of joy, love, life, inspiration.Their feelings indicate how they are allowing the fountain to flow into perception. When you are feeling very contracted, you’re experiencing only a tiny trickle of the power and love you are, the power and love everyone is.

When you’re feeling contracted, it’s not your fault. There’s actually no such thing as fault, but there is such a thing as power, and everyone shares it. All true power is benign. When you are contracted, you are turned away from the benign power you share with all.

You are confusing illusion with reality when you are contracted.

It is a very good thing to become aware that you are contracted. The awareness is the expansion. The awareness is the truth. From here, the illusion of the contraction can be held in love and light until it subsides. The contraction is a very real-seeming experience, but it is only an experience you have created through moment-by-moment choice.

It is good to become aware of your power of choice. There is never a need to condemn past choices because all power is in the present, and all true power is benign. Everything else feels like struggle.

So back to the fountains, when you are with others, they are experiencing their fountains, too. They may become displeased and believe 100% that it is because of outside conditions, but every time, it is because they have made choices that cut off their perception of their connection to Source.

Note that we have said perception. You are always fully connected to Source, all the time, and that has never changed, no matter what experience you have chosen to create for yourself, no matter what experiences you have chosen to co-create with others.  Once you allow remembrance of this on a more consistent basis, you’ll know that you are always held in love through every experience, and so are all others.

When you’re with them, what are your fountains doing? How are they flowing into your experience? In reality, they are always full of life-giving energy, but through your separate-will control over perception, you can create a blocked-fountain experience.

Are you willing to align with the One Will and allow it to affect your perception? It’s always up to you, and your experience is always about the perception you’re allowing.

How do you move away from the dysfunction of separate will and align with Divine Will, always? Make how you feel primary, and always remember that how you feel is not dependent on outside conditions. Whenever it seems that way, you are accessing and accepting the fear-based version of life in which what is happening to you is primary.

You are life. You are primary. What you are and what everyone else is–that’s prior to all the happenings.

Be curious about these ever-flowing fountains in everyone you meet today. Be curious about what will come up between you. When confusion or tension enters the experience, this is an opportunity to clear out misperception rooted in the past.

Simply remember the light you are, the love you are, the ever-flowing fountain of abundance you have always been. Remember the light the other guy is, the love she is, the ever-flowing fountain of abundance he always will be. Allow all else to subside within the benign power and immensity of all that you collectively are.

Photo by Dawid Zawiła on Unsplash

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