Freeing the birds, sharing the light

When you notice a thought today that doesn’t feel good, remember this about it: This is the type of bird I have allowed to nest under my eaves.

Now do a magic trick with it. Surround it in the light you are. Just hold it there. Sit with it in the Love that you are. There is no need to fight against this thought. There is every need to remember who you are. You are the Love. You are the Light.

In the past, when you didn’t know who you were, you entertained thoughts of this type of vibration. You allowed them to dwell with you and as you. Now is the time for transformation.

Every negative thought shows you the past. The past is over. Isn’t that wonderful? The types of thoughts that are attracted to you are an indicator of what types of thoughts you believed in the past. They all want to build castles of experience together. The separate-self-you didn’t care if you were building palaces or dungeons, but Whole You always did care. You have never stopped caring. You have always been able to feel.

Now you’re going to take this ability to feel and turn it into your superpower.

So a thought comes to you. It feels disturbing. It has come to the perfect place, since you are the Light. You don’t want it ping-ponging out there bumping into your friends who haven’t remembered who they are yet, right? Currently, you allow a certain subset of negative thought to penetrate either entirely into your experience or to get pretty darn close to the experiences you build through thought. You can tell how far you let the thought penetrate by how you feel.

Let’s look at reactiveness to thought. In the past, if you had a thought, knew it didn’t feel good, and contracted into fear, you left that thought to do its work in your experience. There’s no problem with this, because when a thought gets so big as to become part of your experience, that’s when you become very clear that you don’t want it. You can always let it go. You are the Power. You are the Light. You are and always have been All.

When you contract into fear, it’s as if you willingly retract all the benign power you are from your experience, and you say, “Okay, disturbing thought. Run amok now.” When you face a thought, when you look at it with curiosity, when you understand how thought and experience-building works, it’s an entirely different experience.

Let’s go back to the contracted-into-fear part so we can understand how this works. While you are contracted into fear, while you have willingly withdrawn the power you are from the situation where you find yourself, you may be tempted to act. That action could be fighting. It could be defense. It could be struggle. It could be an urge to fix things.

We do not ask you to struggle against one action or another. We do not ask you to struggle to perform a certain type of action, like one that you would label loving. We ask you to feel. We ask you to see. We ask you to remember. And we ask you to remember particularly that we always surround you to aid you in your awakening. No matter what is happening, you are always the Power, and we are always there, extending our hands to you.

So the types of thoughts that are attracted to separate-self-you–those thoughts represent the subset of thought that you are delighted to meet with the Love you are today. We’re telling you how you feel simply because we know. We’re not trying to impose it upon you or upon a reader. Look deeply, always. You are the Light. You are always flowing in complete harmony with us, under the surface. Or maybe right there on the surface. More and more, that’s your experience. That’s what you’re here to do–to lift that experience of harmony up to the surface and to share it with others. No heavy lifting. It’s only an allowing of the buoyancy and joy you and all others are.

Here’s the delightful thing about each and every person. There’s a subset of negative thought–or perhaps many subsets, but at least one–that they simply never entertain. No matter how wretched any particular life looks on the surface, there is a subset of negative thought that one over there never entertains. How do we know? They’re still alive. That’s how you know.

That ray of clarity always shines out from them, no matter how they appear. When you accustom yourself to seeing this type of beauty in everyone, and in yourself, miraculous things begin to happen. The energy exchanges you’re able to have with others multiply. Think of it this way: The true beauty you see is the beauty you’re able to experience.

These energy exchanges are the natural result of becoming open-hearted, and they are what substitutes for the idea of using people, pleasing people, conforming to people, getting things from people, convincing people, needing people, or opposing people. You simply and quietly exchange joy, because joy flows. If any noise follows in the wake of that, it is always a joyful noise of celebration.

Think of this light that you are, and this light that they are expanding–getting bigger and bigger, flowing into everyone’s  experiences like gifts. Let’s look at this light and its expansion.

You’re back in thoughtland. A thought comes to you. It doesn’t feel good. What is the power you are going to do? Is it going to contract in fear and follow the messages it hears there?

Think of this. You are a joyful host. A guest has come to your house. You are happy to see anyone who comes to your home. You stay there. You don’t retreat into some back corner of your home. You’re curious. You’re unafraid. You know every situation is a gift, and you’re wondering about this situation right now. You’re walking around this thought in curiosity, as the Light you are. What gift will this thought coming to my door bring to me today?

This thought has brothers, and they’re all nestled in your attic. That’s why this thought keeps coming to your door. So you simply walk upstairs with the thought, up into the attic. You see all the thought’s brothers over there in the darkness where the roof meets the floor. Your thought is joyfully reunited with his family. You and the thought open a window. They all fly away, free. Feel the freedom of that energy you and that thought worked together to release?

That’s why every negative thought is an opportunity. You don’t need to fear them, and there is a lot of good work you can do for that thought and her sisters.

What happens when your daily work is setting all this energy free? You begin to radiate the energy of freedom, and you begin to have the ability to share this with others. Remember that all minds are always touching across time and space. When you liberate this energy–negative thought is only trapped energy–you’re able to share it, effortlessly. You don’t have to look anyone in the eye. You don’t have to speak. You don’t have to travel anywhere. You don’t have to write a word. The energy is always shared effortlessly, in love and appreciation.

You might find yourself looking people in the eye, and this is delightful. You might find yourself traveling, and this is wonderful. You might find yourself speaking to someone, and it’s always a miracle. This is a completely different feeling than enacting a personality or making yourself do things. It’s simply doing what you’re inspired to do, and it feels good. It becomes very obvious. Thinking is not required. Thinking is not required. Isn’t that amazing?

Thought arises when needed as the servant of Love. Won’t it be interesting to see how often it is needed?

Photo by frank mckenna on Unsplash



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