The Storyline

We want to talk to you today about the Storyline–the whole thing, but we’ll be focusing on the experience of humans on Earth. As we tell you, we want you envision this story being filmed, and we’d like you to pan the camera way, way back. Do you see the set through the camera lens now? Do you see the lights? Now we’d like you to turn the camera and focus on a group of people at a table next to the set. They’re the writers. You’re at this table.

You’re also on set, too, playing the character with your name, fully invested in the role, but we’re going to focus on the writers of the storyline. Have you looked at today’s script yet? What do you think about it? Oh, you’d like a rewrite?

In the sense of your time, rewrites are perpetual. That’s why it is so difficult to predict your future. You can change your mind at any time. The future is always open. When you are locked into an idea that you are subject to your surroundings and are only the experiencer of what happens to you, the future is far more predictable because we can have the sense that you will stay confined to your little ruts.

But what if you don’t? What if it becomes very easy for you to step outside your ruts, until there are no ruts at all?

Humans become dependent on a regularity of experience because they feel subject to it, so they craft safety for themselves in the form of repetition. Once you realize that this repetition need not be in any form, everything opens up, and experience becomes very flexible. You are not using your free will to hold it back anymore. Instead of investing time, energy and stress in trying to hold an experience stable, you simply become very interested to see what comes next.

When you realize that you are always writing the script in the company of angels and brothers and sisters, and it is always an opportunity to bring something wonderful to fruition…just assume. From your narrow focus here on the experience of your character, we would like you to simply assume. You’re writing this script in the company of very loving others, and it’s coming from a very loving place. Every experience is a jewel to return you Home, back to full awareness of how we have been working together all along to restore your memory to you.

When you wonder what is going to happen next in this life of yours, imagine someone coming to you with an order pad. What would you like? What would you prefer?

Then the order-taker (you), scampers back to the writers table and gives the slip to a writer (you), and the script is rewritten.

Now pan the camera back as far as you can take it–to the beginning of time and space. First, there was only the scintillating whole, and then the whole birthed an extension of itself to create. As the extension had a feeling of separation, there was also a glimmer of fear, and that glimmer of fear or resistance or the possibility (really, the impossibility) of being cut off from All That Is fueled the whole explosion into apparent separation.

The Whole birthed an extension of itself. Only one. There’s just one of us, and there always has been, so no matter what we have created, it is actually impossible for us to be in conflict with ourselves.

Now think of this knowledge–this calm, certain, and beautiful knowledge of our Oneness, coming into your experience in a very real way and staying there. That’s what we’re all working on together. We’re working on restoring your memory to you that you have always been perfect and whole, and you remain so.

Every day, if you can see this beautiful beam of light that you are, that we all are, without exception, joining your day-to-day and moment-to-moment experience, you’ll come back into that awareness that there is nothing to fear. Everything you experience is self-created, far beyond any sense of fault. Hold that idea in love today, and remember how beautifully flexible, imaginative and creative you truly are.

It seems another video is coming today, and the topic is one of my favorites–the “bad” guys. More on that later…

Photo by Wesson Wang on Unsplash

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