Allowing light through the body

We’d like you to look at the body as a beautiful instrument. We know you have many silly and fine gradations of what is considered beautiful and not. From our perspective, you look rather fussy–like dandies. Is the body breathing? Okay, then you’re good to go. It’s as beautiful as it gets.

When we speak to you about the body, we have to get through a tremendous layer of not-good-enough, not-good-enough. Do you know where this comes from? It comes from guilt associated with the idea that you have misused your bodies to enact fearful scenarios with one another. Any fearful scenario you are enacting or you have enacted–it’s always been done in innocence. If you really understood how you were using the body, you simply wouldn’t have used it that way.

You have never needed to be forgiven, because you’ve done nothing wrong, but if you need to hear the words, then all of you are forgiven for everything. We always have a reset in the Now, and we encourage you to access that reset whenever your thinking becomes disordered.

So now back to the body. We’re saying “the” on purpose just to ease you away from your very strong identification with it. It’s a beautiful instrument capable of expressing a constant flow of love. That’s its only purpose. It’s a conduit for Love to emerge into your world.

At the perfect moment, and you can be fully assured of this, you will set the body down to explore elsewhere in different forms. This is what you call dying. You, a beautiful being of light, set down the tool you have used and loved so well, and you continue to live forever. The body has an expiration date. You cannot have one. You are eternal.

If you prefer to identify fully with the body, then you will feel that you are the one who has an expiration date, and just feel into the fear and resistance of that. Is this what you choose? You always have free will. You may choose it if you wish.

Think of the bodies vibrating. What energy do you want to inhabit the body today? Do you want to experience the energy of lightness and Love? It is always your choice.

If, however, you believe that you want to experience the energy of lightness and Love, but you keep running into a heavy core of density, that is for you to release. Feel it. Look at it. Touch it, within your mind. See what you have taken on willingly as your identity.

Just as you willfully took on the energy of fear as your separate identity, you, the power of All That Is, can willingly release your hold on that and allow ease to flow into your experience. In terms of the body, it means that you allow light and Love to permeate every cell, your nervous system, your mind, your heart.

The energy of light and Love is not the energy of control. It is the energy of harmony. That is why it can seem difficult to allow it in. You have all been schooled deeply in the idea of self-control, of control of your emotions, of control over circumstances and events around you.

You do develop a knack, however. As you allow the light and Love to penetrate deeper and deeper layers, you are better able to understand when you have hit a stubborn layer of density–a layer of fear that seems key to your very identity. It is the identity as separate that you can hand over, and the identity as harmonious that you can allow in. You never lose anything. As you allow what was never real to leave out the front door, what was always real and ever-present seems to enter through the back door. It’s always been there, however. It’s always there, waiting for you.

We go now to the idea that you are bringing yourself a massive wave of light and love in the form of an event you share. You’re all destined to awaken to your true selves. That is guaranteed. There’s still wiggle room in the method you use to allow this awakening to come to you. We said “wiggle room.” Rest assured that any event that happens is here because you wanted it. That goes for that war over there as well as any wave of light that comes to you all.

The idea you’re presenting to yourselves about this Event is that the light will permeate your cells, your nervous systems, your minds, your hearts, and change will be immediate and remarkable. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? We are here with our order pads. Are you ordering up an Event?

This is an interesting moment, as we’re here with our order pads. Is there any density or resistance, doubt or fear that is coming up in you?

The light is here today. The light has always been here. You are the light, and you always have been. As the light, you may choose that an external wave of light passes over and through you and everything on the planet. That is one of the experiences you can have.

Never make the mistake of thinking that what is coming to and through the body is anything less than what you have requested. When you have requested challenging experiences, they were always opportunities to wake up. When you have requested beautiful experiences, they show up, and you flow with the harmony you are for a while. That’s why it feels so good. You are the harmony. It’s always a homecoming, and it’s never a threat.

So, if you look at your horizon and you happen to see something massive approaching, you asked for it. You never need to fear what you have requested, and you have requested all of it. Take every event today, and see it intersecting with the vibrating body tool you are using to have this experience. If you meet every event with the love you are, there is nothing to fear. If you find yourself in fear, simply request help in remembering the Love you are. We are always with you. We love you, and we are here to serve.

Photo by Alan Labisch on Unsplash

5 thoughts on “Allowing light through the body

  1. Gorgeous, Julie! Do you have a name for the beings if Light you channel or do you know them as your higher self? My writing as temporarily slowed down as I recalibrate. I stopped taking medication that I was in since I gave birth to my third child nine years ago. It was necessary and for my highest good to do so, but I am shedding layers of fear and anxiety to return to harmony. It’s much like taking a snow globe and shaking it. I’m using meditation to relinquish fear-steeped density and allow the snow to still so that I can return to center. It’s the most debilitating in the morning and far better in afternoon and evening. I know that I’m close to relief.

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    1. I was just wondering how you’re doing and guessed that–a dive within to recalibrate. Things are getting so aligned! I’m walking through density waves daily, too. I know I chose them, and I also know they’re a reflection of what I see “out there,” so as we allow healing through us, we allow healing in the world. All this to say what a big fountain of healing you’ve got going on over there. 🙂

      I think the name I’m happiest with and “they” are happiest with is imaginary friends, definitely in the lower case. We want to make it seem ordinary and natural to have these conversations. Also, the when I agree to call them imaginary, they say I acknowledge that I am imaginary, too. ❤️️

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      1. Getting a nudge to say one more thing…

        The one Self we are is real and very stable. Our separate selves, viewed as imaginary, created by imagination, are so flexible. I think that’s what they’ll be talking about more in the future–getting us to be really flexible and playful with our ideas about ourselves. They show me buoyancy, floating, feathers–a much lighter idea of self.

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