Accepting desire

You experience the energy of desire every day. Remember, you appear to be on a timeline. You appear to be a separate individual doing separate things. The desire seems to call you to a future outcome. You’re always creating.

You can get caught up in a question: Am I creating bad or am I creating good? Am I creating bad or am I creating good? This question repeats and repeats. Watch it go around for a while. Now sense a lifting up and a release. It’s an old wash cycle.

Everything that comes to you is for your good. Look at pleasure and pain. We think desire comes from a pursuit of pleasure, and this is true on the level of your physical experience, but it is only relatively true. With the pursuit of pleasure comes the avoidance of pain. Just look. Just watch. Just see.

This back and forth gets tiresome. It seems to wear one down, and yet…you get back up and go back to work hiding from pain and running toward pleasure. Or running toward virtue and hiding from vice. Just see. Just look.

Where is the fresh spring of energy that does not wear one down? It is what you are. It is always what you are (and what the other guy is), beyond all judgment and labeling. and it never requires anything other than a simple recognition.

When you see and feel your experience ping-ponging back and forth between one thing and another, it cannot hurt to sit down and give your desires airtime, because there is actually only one desire, and it’s safe to look at it from many angles.

There’s no use in suppressing desire, meanwhile hopping here and hopping there in reactivity to what you’re attempting to deny. There’s a shortcut.

We’re referring you back to an exercise in The Way of Mastery, but we’ll outline it here. Sit down. Breathe. Relax. When you are relaxed, ask yourself what you truly desire. Listen for a minute or two. Now make a list of everything that comes up.

Do this a total of seven times. You now have seven lists. Once you have done this exercise seven times, over the course of a couple of weeks, look at all your lists. Just look. See. Feel. Any commonalities? Any changes you notice? Any patterns? Look lightly without deciding in any final way. Remind yourself that you’re learning about true desire. You’re finding your way there.

You’re joining what seems like disordered, almost painful desire, up to that which it has always represented–just one desire.

As you continue to do this exercise, be honest. Don’t hide from anything. Just notice and observe what the desires look like, how they feel. Desire is part of the energy of inspiration, of creation. See its innocence, and be playful with it. See how it evolves as you accept it as part of the whole.

Photo from Pexels

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