Meeting phantoms with Love

Every day, guppies surface in your mind, asking to be fed. They are disturbing thoughts–any thought at all that would disturb the peace you are.

You are in the habit of feeding these fish, but it is only a habit. When a guppy comes to the surface today, asking for food, you can look at it and see it for the phantom it is. As you look upon it without judgment, the love and light you are envelops and transmutes the phantom fish asking to be fed, and what was never real in the first place disappears.

Nothing has a true and real hold on you other than the love and light you are. Whenever you remember who you are, remember that it’s the other guy, too. Isn’t that amazing? All that stands between you and the other guy is a bunch of guppies.

Once you get good at watching these guppies surface and then observing the effect of your light and love upon them, nothing stands between you and that other guy, perceptually. Your world and your experiences shift to reflect that. The world is your obedient servant, and it is always what you make of it.

If you want your world to be a world of love and light, simply remember consistently the simplicity of who you are, the simplicity of who the other guy always has been. The guppies have convinced you to feed them and to play roles within this drama we have been enacting. How is the other guy going to know to stop feeding the imaginary fish until you show him what a world of happiness springs into being when you stop feeding them?

Think of the guppies as deliverers of lines and stage directions. When you feed them, they give you lines and stage directions. You enact them. When you stop feeding the guppies and transmute them instead, where do your lines and stage directions come from? They come from the purity within that has always been there, always ready to guide you in your role of bringing a world of love and light back into form.

Be patient as you learn to consistently look at your guppies in and with the love and light you are. How would you like an angel to look upon you, if you allow us to appear visually? How do we look upon you, always? With love and unending compassion.

Simply see the phantoms for what they are, and keep a mantra by your side if you need reminding throughout the day. Here’s one from A Course of Love, by Mari Perron: I dedicate all thought to union. 

In reminding yourself of this, you bring all thought to the light and love you are. This is not about belief or disbelief. This is about responding with the love you are to everything and everyone you encounter.

Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

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