Allowing a new world to be birthed through you

Have you sensed a new world that is coming into being? It’s up to you. It comes into your experience through your allowance of it, regardless of “outside” conditions. Although the conditions appear to be outside of the location where you believe you are (in a human body that is a vessel for experience, relationship and communication), what you are has always encompassed All That Is in harmony with all beings.

The true state of multiple beings is unity. When we created the experience of multiplicity and relationship, we birthed the experience and illusion of fear. Fear gives an edge to experience and allows us to believe that we are truly subject to conditions and events that appear to be occurring outside of ourselves. Fear is an illusionary medium that allows us to believe that we are truly separate, that there is a will that could possibly contradict the one harmonious and divine will.

In other words, we’re all on a ride, and we chose it. When we remember how to choose again, we can allow the full power of Love, the unified force that is our true and always harmonious identity to express itself in form while we are still expressing through and experiencing bodies. This return to the awareness of Home is a true delight, and every Now moment is an opportunity to remember.

This is always a remembering, an allowing, until you don’t need concepts at all anymore. While you’re still adrift in a sea of concepts that contradict one another, that seem to require your belief or disbelief, that seem to tug what you perceive yourself to be this way or that way–you might want to notice that. You’re adrift in a sea of concepts and opinions, but you’re returning to clarity.

It would serve you to allow the suggestion that you need not believe or disbelieve any concept. Not a single concept requires your defense. Not a single concept requires your working hard to defeat it. Concepts believed lead to separate-will experiences that can conflict with one another. Those separate-will experiences are never real. They are creations of the illusionary separate will, the ego. It doesn’t matter much if they are regarded as positive or negative. Note this. The labeling matters not at all.

The feeling, however, is your sure and steady guide. As long as you are paying attention to how you feel, you will know when you are attempting to believe that an ego-based creation is real. It doesn’t feel good.

As long as you are aware of how you feel, you will notice when anything at all appears to interrupt the Peace you are. You are that peace, that love, and so are all your divine siblings, without exception. When it seems that what you are could be vulnerable or threatened, you are attempting to believe that the ego creation of separate identity is real, but it never could be. Your feelings are there to serve you that way. They are not there to alert you that “outside” conditions are askew. They are there to let you know you are projecting a fiction from the ever-benign power you are out there into the land of experience. You are using the harmonious power you are to create a fiction of disharmony. When you relax beyond concept and effort into the love you have always been, the tension unwinds. The unity is felt, and it comes visibly into your experience.

If the Unity you are appears to come from others for a while, it’s still you drawing a representation of it into your experience. As you relax into trusting the inevitability of your return Home, you will see evidence of that unity and love blossoming all around you and coming through you.

It takes a while to bring this switchover of awareness into your experience. As you do, challenging experiences and deep feelings arise to let you know where you have chosen fear over the Love you and all others have always been.  When a challenging experience arises, remember this: It’s always an echo of a past choice for fear and vulnerability. This choice always comes because you have conceptually forgotten the benign power you have always been.

We say conceptually forgotten, because complete amnesia has never been possible, and true separation from all you (and all others) are has never been real. You have always had the capacity to feel, and the feelings that didn’t feel good were always a call to remembrance. That means the happy ending is inevitable. There is only one of us. There is only one true will of love. You’re simply on the ride back home when that is becoming more and more apparent every day.

When a deep feeling of distress or sensation of tension arises, it is alerting you to an opportunity to accept a change in perspective. In the past, you chose to see yourself as vulnerable and subject to “outside” conditions. We will keep quoting “outside” and remind you what we are collectively (and that always includes you and the other guy) always encompasses everything. A fun thing you could start to say to yourself is, “I’m around this. What I am encompasses this. I can hold this in my loving awareness.”

And then you can see the Love that you are whooshing through the body you’re using to communicate and to have experiences. You can allow it through in the form of words, actions, or just a stillness full of presence. Always open to what you are.

So let’s go back to a moment of feeling tension or experiencing distress or just minor irritability. It’s telling you that in the past, you accepted a completely fictional scenario in which you were subject to outside conditions. It’s telling you that Now, in this moment, you have an opportunity to release that old programming and to allow the Love and power you are to flow through you. It’s a simple alert. Negative feelings get your attention because they are a simple alert to allow what the Now can always give you.

Negative feelings say this: We wish to alert you that you have been in a repetitive cycle of bringing a disturbance from the past into your future, with your cooperation. It has always come with your cooperation. The negative feeling says this: Now, in this now moment, you are able to allow the love you are to flow into this moment and your awareness.

It’s a very simple process, and one you develop a knack for over time. That’s what time is for–healing. Our thanks to you for the healing you bring to the world this day through the realization of the love you have always been.

Photo by Bobby Johnson on Unsplash

4 thoughts on “Allowing a new world to be birthed through you

  1. Bringing the past into the future… Love it… Just love it, this was like watching Shawshank, the second but last paragraph…. Negative feelings say this…. That is what got me…

    Loved it, thank you so, so, so much, yet again you snowball me.

    Cwtches xx

    Liked by 1 person

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