Are you ready to set the gremlins free yet?

You might like to know that you’ve been hosting gremlins in the basement or in the attic–anywhere you can hide them away. They are your deepest, most hidden thoughts of inadequacy, victimhood, and blame. You stand poised to set them all free now.

Imagine if it’s no longer possible to have and believe a thought of not being good enough. Imagine if it’s no longer possible to have and believe a thought of victimhood. Of blame. Of lack.

This is possible, although it seems impossible. It is possible if you are willing to celebrate, right now. Why should you celebrate right now? Because this is a day for celebration. During this day, if any thought of inadequacy, victimhood, blame or lack occurs to you, you have the privilege of hosting it on its way out, on its way back to the light.

Think about this. By choice, always by your choice, you took the vibrant energy of love and attempted to encapsulate and trap it as a definition of a very limited self–your self. It seemed safer that way. It seemed that conformity to fear was the way to go.

But all this time, that energy has wanted to burst free. It never wanted to be used by you in an attempt to define yourself as cut off from abundance, unworthy, stuck, or suffering due to a fault not your own.

We’re talking about those very deep layers. The last ones. The only things that would stand between you and the moment-by-moment awareness of love.

What happens when you let those gremlins out of their cages? They do not run amok. They simply disappear into the loving flow of energy and inspiration that is always there for you. The energy returns home, where it belongs. It was never supposed to be encapsulated or defined by you.

This means that once you free all the gremlins, you–as love–will meet every situation with the love you are. It’s as simple as that. All the true solutions are simple, and the truth is that there is only ever one solution.

So celebrate. If you react in dismay that a negative thought is occurring to you once again, you miss the chance that it is asking to be released. If you realize that allowing yourself to feel the feeling associated with the thought is alerting you to the fact that it is a lie, you can relax into knowing truth from fiction. You get as many chances as you want to have.

You don’t need thoughts like this to define you or anyone else, ever. You don’t need them. They are superfluous. So clean house. You may have thought you wanted just a few to hang onto so you’ll have some sense of self-control and deciding what everything is, who everyone is. How does it feel? Does it feel good? If it doesn’t feel good you don’t need it. It’s always very simple.

Yes, there are a few gremlins you’ve been keeping caged. It’s safe to open the doors now and watch them dissolve into the light. Celebrate!

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