You are safe — you are Home

You are safe.

You are Home.

What is left to do? Whatever is done through you. Bliss is that completely open spot. That receptivity toward that which wants to flow through you. A welcoming. A knowing that all is well, and a willingness to be of service. To whom? To yourself? To others? What is the difference? Hard to tell these days, isn’t it?

There is nothing to conquer because conquering is not possible or necessary. Love always has been the only thing there is. Anything that would appear to contradict that is merely an appearance, and it came at your invitation.

Wherever there is negative co-creation, it is always done in innocence, without exception. When you know better, you do better, within your experience. It seems to be that way. When you learn to see everything that has been done as a perfect stepping stone to the healing you’re allowing now, that’s peace. That’s forgiveness. That’s a stable foundation for the blossoming of the future–peace in the now.

The experience stabilizes. The feeling of stability expands and expands, seeming to go deeper and deeper, until whatever happens on the surface couldn’t possibly disturb what you are, because what you are and always have been is whole.

Every day you allow that to come into your experience. A little bit more, and a little bit more. When you truly know yourself, then your actions in the world make sense. When you know that what you are is what everybody else is, what you say and what you do bring true benefit because it is merely a reflection of what already is. There is no complexity or conflict in it.

It becomes very simple. When it starts to feel complex, it’s only that way because you have allowed concepts to blossom between your experience and reality. The true reality of love is happy to flow back into your experience whenever you relax back into simplicity and allow it.

Photo by Jeremy Goldberg on Unsplash

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