Inevitable expansion

The five-sense world seems very real. That doesn’t mean that it is very real. It’s powered by reality because you are choosing to obscure reality, and your choice is always supported.  The fact that you are choosing to obscure reality does not make anything your fault. It only makes you completely responsible. That only means that you have complete and total access to the healing power that restores correct perception. It only means that you have so much to give to yourself and everyone. Remember this: It’s simple, it’s easy, and it’s inevitable. Complexity and struggle most definitely belong to the illusion. Isn’t that good news?

You are not here to save or preserve anything physical, since the physical does not actually exist. You are not here to save money or trees. You are here to allow transformation until the physical reflects the abiding love you all are, because you acknowledge what powers the physical experience, what has always powered the choice for physical experience. Within the physical experience, it was always guaranteed that you would choose the apparent polarity of love over its apparent opposite of fear and hate. It was written in the stars that you would return to full awareness that only love is real. Truly, there is no other way it can go, and now you are witnessing the conclusion to that story, that trajectory. Enjoy the ride. Enjoy how it all comes together, even and especially in response to the challenging or the unexpected.

When you hear and feel the impact of ego thoughts about what you perceive to be your physical body right this minute, without alteration, that’s very useful. Think of those ego thoughts as coming from a recording that you put in place in order to make the illusion convincing and believable. Then there’s no need to fight ego-thoughts. Their purpose, now, is to help you to dig deeper. They help you see where you are actively attaching to pain and fear, actively giving power to an illusion when the power is always your own. The feelings you have when you contemplate one of these ego thoughts you hear–take a moment and appreciate how well those feelings guide you.

Let’s say you hear in your mind a disparaging evaluation of the physical vessel you call your own. It’s advertising, isn’t it? First of all, it activates insecurity if you attach to it. It keeps that separate and vulnerable identity alive and active. It indicates that you must struggle to reach and earn a better state. It places happiness over in that better state. It keeps what you perceive to be yourself away from this idea of happiness that it dangles in front of you. It’s not wrong or bad. It’s what you put in place to keep the dissonance alive because that is what powers the illusion you chose.

There is a whole other set of thoughts that feel very good, and as you see through the operational technology of the ego that you put in place (always but always take nonjudgmental responsibility for it), you can hear your true thoughts, the thoughts of the divine. It is oh-so-much easier to flow through your day when it is simply the thoughts of the divine that guide you moment by moment.

Where are you still hanging on as a separate you? Where are you still struggling? Where are you still judging and trying to control? Notice. Invite in that energy of you as you truly are. Ask to hear the thoughts that are true. Take a breath. See what comes next. What comes into an empty space? What comes into a space uncluttered by suppositions and conclusions?

When you allow the thought transformation, you allow the world transformation. It seems like thought transformation, but it is simply hearing and understanding the truth on a moment-to-moment basis, and then not even that. You need fewer and fewer intermediaries as time seems to go on. At first the true concepts will help you detach from the false ones. And then you don’t need any concepts at all.

Let’s take a look at these helping concepts, specifically the ones about thought. There are some different ways to look at thought. Simply pick the perspective that is most helpful to you. We have invited you to look at ego-thought as a pre-recorded message you set up to have this experience. We have indicated that over time these messages lose their meaning and significance, so they simply fade from your awareness. Then on the “other” side we have put the thoughts of Truth, the thoughts of God, your true thoughts. We have told you that these are the thoughts that are beginning to predominate.

There is an alternate way of looking at this that can also serve you. If you look at each thought impulse that reaches you, you don’t have to make up another thought that is true in comparison to its falseness. We invite you now to see each impulse that reaches you as a divine impulse. As it passes through the illusion of your separate identity, however, the pure impulse picks up an illusory coating that distorts the impulse in its effect. As you learn to see through the illusion, you more easily receive the undisguised, true impulse.

In other words, every “bad” thought is a “good” thought. Receiving information is not bad, but now you want to receive clear and undistorted information. If you are willing to see through illusions, and you are, you will more often receive thoughts in their true and undisguised form. They don’t pick up a coating of distortion from your idea of a separate self because you are not holding that belief up to block the impulses of love that are constantly streaming to you.

You are now at the point at which this alternate view of thoughts will serve you. When a “bad” thought comes to you, we invite you to see what you feel as its “badness” as a layer of gift wrap disguising that it’s actually a good thought. Be curious about what the “good” thought would say to you. You don’t have to decide or figure anything out. There’s no struggle in it. We simply invite you to ask the question many times a day. I wonder what good-feeling thing this bad-feeling coating is disguising? I wonder what amazing thing I’ll find when I remove the outer coating that can be so convincing? Simple curiosity, and nothing more. We invite you to that today. Just ask the question. Handle what seems to be the “bad” thought with wonder and even reverence.

It’s simply becoming more and more apparent to you that thought precedes everything. It’s simply becoming clearer and clearer to you when thought is out of alignment, when it doesn’t feel good. It’s simply becoming easier and easier to stay in that spot of working with the clearing up and unmasking of thought because that feels best. You only have to do what feels best. It’s truly very simple, and it’s also inevitable. We’re going to use that word with you a lot.

Inevitably, we will walk with you today. Inevitably, we will communicate with you throughout the day. Inevitably, we will expand. All good things are inevitable because there is only one good thing, and it encompasses and permeates all. It simply is, and it always has been. We bask in the light of truth with you today.

Photo by John Peters on Unsplash

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