Right under the surface

Ego’s suggestions are optional.

Take that in. Go slowly. This is our advice for your day. Go slowly. Notice what ego suggests, and notice that it is optional. Sit on a park bench with ego. Hear a suggestion. Wait. Allow it to fade.

The more you slow down like this, the less you will mistake egoic thought for true thought. When you are not so busy with the tangle of egoic thought, you have a lot more energy to appreciate one another.

When you slow down, you can see egoic thought for what it is and ask for other options. You always have other options, and they are scintillating right beneath the very thin surface of egoic thought. Think of egoic thought as a sparse spray paint–a permeable coating used to obscure loving thought. When you are willing to allow distortion to subside, you will gain access to inspired or loving thoughts quickly and easily.

Mantras are a way of reminding yourself what exists right beneath the surface of flimsy egoic thought. True thought. Loving thought. One mantra we recommend comes from A Course in Miracles: I am willing to see things differently. You could also say, “I am ready to receive clear thought now.” Do you need mantras? No. Not at all. Never. But if you find them useful and appealing, there they are. They will fall away when and if they are not helpful. They are companions who walk along the road with you for a time.

There is always a well of non-egoic options available to you. Get used to taking advantage of this abundance offered you in every moment. State your willingness to receive that which is beyond ego. This is a well that will never run dry. The well of ego was always destined to run dry. The replenishment it seemed to offer has always been false. Attachment to ego, to separation identity, is falling away with perfect timing.

If you experience a moment of tension, ego is rearing its head, and this is a good thing. What can be released and received with love, transmuted, is making itself known. It is asking not for rejection, but for love. Love is always waiting to expressed through you. Vibrant, powerful, beautiful love is what is always right there under the very thin layer of ego. Ego is clever, so it makes itself look impenetrable, dependable, solid. Ego requires your belief in its solidity, its reality. What happens when you withdraw your belief, when belief dries up and falls away?

We encourage you to get curious. If you are aware that you are looking upon egoic thought, get curious. I know this egoic thought is not real. It has no substance. What would love express through me now? 

Just get curious. Yes, you may have an in-between time of nothing-to-express, nothing-to-say. This is good. You have set down egoic response. You are waiting to see what is really there underneath. Be patient. This flower will bloom, and you will experience the flow of peace and love through you. Just be genuinely curious about what peace would express through you, and see how the rest unfolds.

At exactly the right moment, you’ll toggle over into love’s perception full-time. And until that moment, you always have a choice between love’s perception and fear’s perception. State your intention to see all through love’s eyes. Be willing to pause, to take a breath, to wait. Then see what comes through for you.

There will be a time when you don’t find fearful perception useful or tempting anymore. That when it seems to stop knocking at your door. When you hear fearful thoughts, tense thoughts, judgmental thoughts, remember that the light you are encompasses those thoughts. Be curious about how it would look to see this light shining through them. Be curious to see what will happen to the structure of those thoughts as you watch your light shine through them.

Love extends. That is what it does. When you place your attention on what you are, it extends right through the illusion of ego. The only mistake that has ever been made is that you chose to see something other than yourself. The paradox is that nothing is outside of you. Nothing is other than you. That is why you needed illusion as a means of experiencing what you are not.

Extension is what you are, what we are, and we extend forever.

Photo by Cristian Băluță on Unsplash


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