Turning off the identity spawner

Conflict is caused by a temptation to attach to an identity that is not your own, every time. As you do this, you also attach to ideas of separate identities for all of the players in the dramas your are experiencing.

In the context of the experience of conflict, time is very useful. It is a means of healing. By this we mean that is appears to be the way that healing is delivered. Stopping, even for one moment, taking one breath, questioning one conflicted thought–all of this is very valuable.

Look at the separate identity you construct for yourself in times of conflict. Is it an unappreciated identity? Is it one hard done by? Meet the victim. Who or what wants these stories about a separate self to be true? This is just the momentum of ego. The momentum can be slowed, stopped.

Look at the identities you construct for others. Do those identities seem to interfere with the identity you have constructed for your separate self? Feel into the jagged edges of these conflicts. Just feel them, and breathe. If you listen to the voice of your separate identity, it will tell you that there is a problem with things being as they are, and it will tell you why. You can begin to catch these thought streams at the very first thought. You can catch the very first thought of what would be twenty in a row, weaving separate identities for you and others, and you can just question that first thought. Bring it into the light. Allow it to dry up, to crumble.

If you stop listening to and believing this identity maker, the maker of identities for you and everyone else, you will have peace. More accurately, you will experience the peace you are, whether what is happening seems positive or negative. This is the peace that passeth all understanding, and it is what you are. It’s always what the other guy is. It’s always about looking right through that tricky, wiggly surface to the the stability of what is Real, through the temporary to what is enduring.

Are you willing to allow perception correction? When you allow perception correction, you release inner conflict. You can’t’ hold onto the one while accepting the other. When you release inner conflict, you remember who you are, who all others are.

No matter what is happening, peace is available when you pause. Take a breath. Notice the concepts you have balled up in your fists. Release. Remember we are here. Remember that we delight in assisting you. Remember that all are worthy of divine assistance, and when you accept it from us, you make it more easily available to others.

By accepting love’s gift for yourself, you automatically share it with others.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

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