Feeding each other

We wish you a day of total peace, complete bliss. Such a day is possible. You are worthy of it. So are all others. When you know all others are worthy of a day of bliss and peace, you call them to the healing that will provide that–mind to mind, right now, you do that calling. When you condemn others in alignment with separation perception, you do not extend the pathway to healing that assists you on yours.

The Parable of the Long Spoons explains this situation very well. We urge you to feed each other energetically. When you feed each other energetically, the physical feeding is a very natural and easy expression of love. It doesn’t have to be forced. When you feed each other energetically, it means you have allowed perception to be corrected. When you are on the road to full healing, everyone else is there with you. When you stay on that road to full healing, you usher in a New Earth.

If your day is anything less than bliss and peace, please do take a moment to celebrate. In the moment that you observe that there is disturbance in your mind, you have a wonderful opportunity to go straight to its root. See yourself with a pair of scissors snipping away. You’re snipping attachments to old habits, and as you snip, you are freeing others. As you free yourself, your very beautiful mind in communication with others lights up the pathway to the shared freedom of unified beingness.

So if you experience any disturbance of mind today, after you have taken a moment to celebrate the opportunity you have, you can ask, “What energy is running the show?” Isn’t it interesting that you are allowing a fictional energy that isn’t you to run your perception and therefore your actions and speech? What would happen if you stop, take a breath, and allow the momentum of that fictional energy, this little show you’re putting on, to subside?

When you stop, take a breath, and allow the fiction to subside, you call upon Reality and sanity. You call upon a nonpersonal energy that expresses itself through the personal as beautifully, harmonically differentiated, to run the show. You call upon clarity, peace, and compassion. You’re calling upon the simplicity of what you and all others always have been. All you have to do is to set down the fiction of the separated person. In the absence of your clinging to separation perception, what you are arises gloriously.

What does this mean in daily life? This means that when you take actions that look like giving, you don’t do it from guilt, anxiety or obligation. You do it because it’s obvious and simple. If it isn’t obvious and simple, you usually have two moments to allow clarity to enter. You have a moment to celebrate the opportunity you’re having to accept healing. And you have another moment to take a breath and allow the momentum of the fictional to subside.

Ego like a reference book that grows and grows the more you refer to it. It also shrinks when you understand it is not your guide. Allow it to shrink. When you do this, you, who invented egoic experience as an alternative to Reality, reprogram it to allow everyone their freedom.  That’s a pretty sweet job offer, and the salary is effortless eternal abundance for all. Will you accept?

Once you realize that you are the one who originally chose separation perception, just choose again and choose again and choose again until even that small agitation of choice is gone. It will shrink. Its intensity will subside. The simple choice of love becomes easier and more obvious. The personal agendas you once seemed to have dry up and disappear without your attention and care. When you are not focused upon personal agendas, you are focused upon the healing and thriving of the Whole.

Once you are so enlightened–out from under the spell of ego–there is no need to separate and define as such, no need to compare yourself with your brother, no need to evaluate, no need to advise. If people come asking for advice, however, spirit wells up and assists. But you don’t identify as advice-giver.

You simply Are, and you know the glory of your fellows. The bliss of that is enough, and that is what powers how you conduct yourself in what seems to be more than that. Simplicity and love show you the way without defining you in comparison to others. Abiding in your eternal connection to all others, you respond from love very easily.

When you acknowledge our ever-presence, your head is not buried in the reference book that still seems a reasonable guide. When you have your nose out of the book of separation perception, it is an opportunity to accept an energetic massage–the correction of perception. We stand ready to serve whenever you need us–free massages all day! You are worthy of this service, and when you accept it, you automatically share the benefits with your brothers and sisters.

Photo by hue12 photography on Unsplash

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