The gift of sanity

We are here to decrease your workload. You’re welcome. You don’t have to work so hard. Everything will roll along very nicely without your interference.

Whose interference? We call it the apparent interference of a character who fears love. You have been projecting out an image of yourself because that’s what everyone else does. When you project out a particular image of yourself–your self, as a separated one–you can feel the tension of what feels like the image of your separated self next to the image of another separated self. The tension doesn’t feel good.

When you feel not-good, the habit is to judge something external, someone who seems to be other than you, or even yourself because any self you would judge you are seeing as other. All that projecting outward you’re doing? You can just stop. It’s your fight against love, which becomes very silly when you realize that love is what you are, what all the seeming others are.

There’s no need to make that effort to project. The reason you would make such an effort is in an attempt to forget what you think you did. You think you successfully separated from your creator, but that was never possible. It was possible for you to hide in an illusion of time and space, an illusion with limits and dangers, and that is what you have been doing.

Any stress you feel is all about what you believe you have done but never actually did, so it’s very safe to drop all of the stress of all of the defensive measures. There is no punishment waiting for you because it was never possible for you to have done even a single thing wrong.

That’s how you return to the awareness of the Heaven in which you have always been abiding. You stop all projection, all defensive measures, and you allow yourself to see and remember your innocence, the innocence of what you see to be others.  There is only one innocence, and it is shared by all.

You don’t have to put effort into projecting out a character that you call yourself. You are yourself.

It is completely safe to show up as who you are. When you feel stress, you are feeling how it feels to project out identities for yourself and for seeming others as a defense. Defensive measures are fearful, and fear doesn’t feel good. Let feeling be your guide.

What would happen if you dropped all of the defenses? You would realize the nothingness that fear is. You would see how you have been using nothing at all–illusion–to hide from what you always have been, and there has never been a problem with what you have always been, with what everyone has always been.

As you relax into the ease of truth, others feel empowered to show up as who they are with no resistance. It’s a viral thing. As you drop projection, others feel less tension in your presence. Less tension means no need to project out a corresponding defense. Projection eases. Clarity returns. This is how you take this journey together.

This is happening all of the time because all minds are always touching. It is instructive when you seem to be with another, but the same opportunity to drop projection exists when you are what you call alone. (Since we are always there and are never leaving, you can’t exactly be alone.) Because all minds are always touching, when you find a way to withdraw from the tension of the illusion into the Truth of what you and all others are, you make pathways for those apparently separate minds to join you in the oneness of the Love you are.

Any resistance you feel is about fearing who you are, thinking you need to hold on to the image you have been projecting. When resistance manifests physically in the form of sickness or injury, you are experiencing an opportunity to radically alter perception. Give thanks for this opportunity. Take full advantage of it! The resistance you have been enacting in subservience to an ego is being shown to you in a very clear way, in a way you cannot ignore. Give thanks for the clarity. Make the most of the opportunity.

When your own resistance is shown to you so clearly, it is quite easy to give it up. Call upon us. Place your resistance upon a tray and allow us to handle it for you. Thank the physical manifestation for showing you what to do. All things work together for good.

We thank you for all you offer up. We thank you for allowing sanity to return to the collective, a sanity that you can share immediately mind to mind. There is no better gift you could give to all walking this path with you, and we thank you for your generosity.

Photo by Zbynek Burival on Unsplash

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