The treasure is within The answer is within.  You can be told that at times, and it feels frustrating. If the answer is within, why don't I know it? More accurately, you are the answer. The answer to why you feel frustrated is that you are blocking yourself. The good news is that you are the one doing it, … Continue reading The treasure is within

Companions on the journey

Walking along this path with all of you has been such a beautiful experience for me. I could benefit a lot from just writing and learning from the messages I receive, but sharing them has brought such a boost of extra help as we all return to awareness of True Self. I am fortunate to … Continue reading Companions on the journey

Unsubscribing from ego We will focus on the two thought systems today. You are collectively making an experience of duality. A collective experience of duality requires an attachment to fear. In order to experience each other as separate and conflicted, you must attach to thoughts suggested to you by ego. Loving thoughts, representing reality, are always available … Continue reading Unsubscribing from ego

Seeing through bodies You seem to be a body, but you are not a body. There seem to be other people walking around, but they are not people. So you are not a body, and you are not a person. You are a being. All others are beings, and all being is shared. In this world, physical … Continue reading Seeing through bodies

Rock-paper-scissors When you wake up in the morning, you see form. When you look in the mirror, you see a form, and you think this separate form is a you. The world you find yourself in is a world of form. We invite you to notice all that you project upon the form. For just … Continue reading Rock-paper-scissors

Your foes are considerate Knowing is a frequency to which you can attune. What to do in a particular situation? What comes next for you in your day? Any and all questions that arise can be answered by Knowing. We invite you to ask Knowing for all of your answers today. We have encouraged you in the past … Continue reading Your foes are considerate

Pass the marshmallows We invite you to look upon perceived points of decision today. Just look at when you think you want one option over another. How does it feel? Does it flow smoothly and peacefully? Is there resistance and struggle? Is there indecision? There is a way to allow all perceived decisions to flow smoothly. It … Continue reading Pass the marshmallows

Light language from Ineke Hemminga: Exploring inspiration

I've been talking to my friend Ineke Hemminga about inspiration. Each of us expresses inspiration--the love we are moving through us into expression--in a different way. As we engage in the mode of our inspiration, it uplifts us and opens us up to further communication from our Self--our wisdom that is shared and very powerful. … Continue reading Light language from Ineke Hemminga: Exploring inspiration