Seeing is allowing

Seeing is believing. What will you see today? Will you see with the body’s eyes and place ego’s interpretation upon your seeing? Or will you go within and see what is Real? Will you allow what is within to guide all your thinking and perceiving today? Do you prefer the pain of reacting from judgment, or are you willing to allow the ease of responding from within, from the True Self of all?

We invite you to the knowing that what you see with your eyes is unreal. Any reaction to the unreal makes no sense. It just keeps you cycling through the perception of the unreal. You have to go past the unreal and all your reactivity to it in order to access what will carry you through this unreal world made by thought.

When you trust in spiritual sight, physical sight and the meanings you attach to it cannot torment you. You are deeply habituated to placing reactivity first, to valuing reactivity more than spiritual sight. Now is your chance to allow that to change. We are talking about the building of Trust, of allowing that dependence on judgment and reactivity to fall away.

When what you see with your physical eyes seems to disturb you, irritate you, or put you off balance in some way, make contact with your willingness for clarity. Your willingness for clarity is your willingness to allow reactivity to fall away, to allow Trust to build. It’s your willingness to fall into the embrace of joy. To fall into the embrace of joy, you must allow all sense of unworthiness–your own or anyone else’s–to go.

You can take an interval of time and go to work on your separate self in an attempt to make it worthwhile, but we do not encourage this. You are worthy right now. All are worthy right now. All separate selves have no real existence. The one perfect Self–that is all that truly exists now. If a change needs to occur in the form, let it come through Trust in what is Real.

Your instructions for the day can come from the idea the physical is real, or they can come from beyond the belief in the physical as Real. No matter what, the body you call yours is always enacting instructions. It has no true independence. Its strings are pulled by what is Real or by thoughts representing what is unreal. The choice is always yours.

We are here to light up the place where you can choose once and finally, never to choose the back and forth of choice ever again. We light up what you Are so you can return fully to the awareness of it, and it is always our delight to do so.

Photo by Julie

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