Open to truth

The miracle is like an eraser, erasing sight of what has never been real or possible. It will serve you to understand that the miracle doesn’t change anything real. It is simply a reflection of the disappearance of wrong-minded thinking. Changes in form are only a reflection of changes in thinking.

You can decide against illusion. That is the invitation you are given each time you feel discomfort or unrest of any kind. You can decide to allow truth to replace illusion. Let’s say, for example, that you feel very angry at someone. This anger is the helpful signal that you are believing illusion is real. There seems to be a particular problem with a person, but the actual problem is that you have been holding onto illusions as if they are real, and this hurts. You can always agree to allow the source of the hurt to be taken from you.

Again, whenever you feel discomfort of any kind, you are deciding for illusion. Illusion is the source of all pain. Once you understand what you are deciding for, you immediately drop it. Healing is about understanding when you are holding onto the poison of illusion willingly, as if it is your savior. This is not about believing that separate components or persons in the world have the power to affect you negatively. All power lies in your decision for what you will experience.

Be thankful when it doesn’t feel good to decide in favor of illusion. This is helpful to you. Pain and discomfort tell you immediately when you have gone astray, and you become aware of the opportunity to choose again. No one in your world can actually go astray. What you witness in your world is actually reflecting your thoughts back to you. If you feel any disturbance about anything you seem to see or experience, it’s an indicator that you are actively blocking well-being. Thank the image of the one who seemed to go astray for helping you come into the awareness that healing is available for you now.

The world you experience is the projection of your thoughts, and what is being projected can change very easily. The power to allow the projection to change is with you in every moment. Visualize reaching out to touch the surface of the world your thoughts are projecting. Then see the ripples that flow across the image as you touch it. It is only an image. There are not truly any separate components within it. You are only giving yourself an experience of separation and distinction that can only ever be an illusion. Find your willingness to allow this illusion to take any form that serves the highest good.

You don’t need anything from this illusion. Everything you need comes from what you already are, what you always have been, what you always will be. So allow the illusion to take the form that best serves your healing and the healing of all.

Your accessing your willingness to allow your mind to heal showers the world with blessings. Feel the gratitude coursing through the unity of all minds as your mind opens to truth.

Photo by Kumiko SHIMIZU on Unsplash

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