Prayers from gratitude

I was in the middle of receiving a message today when I saw a post from my friend Diana:
 I would love to ask everyone on this page to say a prayer today for the highest outcome during this difficult-awakening time for the masses. I know I’m asking for the least violence and destruction. I know that we can affect this.

I immediately received a powerful message, so I decided to share that one here today. 


Find a person who you believe is causing violence or suffering from violence. Notice how you feel. Recognize that being as calling you to your own healing–letting you know that you feel something other than peace.

Thank them for the call to your healing. Go within to the light you are, and from that vantage point, view the light that one is. Look through the surface to the light they are. Thank them for assisting you in your healing.

This has the effect of helping you operate from your wholeness and lighting up a path to operating from wholeness and ease for the ones who seem to be violent or suffering from violence.

Your mind-to-mind connection with all of them right now is so powerful. It cannot be underestimated. Any time you find yourself expressing an opinion about anyone or lamenting anyone’s state, go within instead. Look from your light to theirs, realize that their role helped you hear a call to go deeper (because look at you, abiding so beautifully in the light), and understand that as much as they are helping you, you are helping them because you heard their call.

Their roles are very flexible and always, always perfect for your healing. That is why you owe them nothing but gratitude. Their roles are so flexible and changeable, and as you value the service they are performing for all, they will blossom into strength and ease because you don’t need anyone to play a villain or a sufferer role in order to show up as relatively innocent.

They are innocent and fully supported right now. So are you. As you are increasingly willing to see this, you will know right away what to do when you feel any disquiet about anyone else.

Photo by Jude Beck on Unsplash


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