Harmonic identity

Sometimes it (the information) seems to be coming at me so quickly, and it’s so amazing, that I…

…and then you sit down to write.

Yes, and then it distills.

You are allowing the harmonic identity to come through you, as you. The awareness that you are, that we all are, is setting the fear toy down.

When a situation appears disordered in your world, it’s because your relationships are infected with fear. This means that the awareness you are, coming through all forms that have ever existed and ever will exist in your dimension, has intentionally played with fear for the experience of it.

Is it possible to lose awareness of our one connected self? Yes, almost entirely. Almost entirely. But you can’t fully deny who you are, no matter what experiences you project out into consciousness.

What square lights up for you now?

Yes, I like this idea of squares lighting up for me. It’s very simple and obvious. But ego kicks up with fears about what release of separate will means. Conspiracy theories about mind control pop up.

Isn’t it interesting that those who are very invested in fearfully portraying the Oneness that we are, projecting physical evidence into consciousness to support their fears and then  finding it, finding actors who are orchestrating attempts to take over a populace–they are very close indeed to seeing the All of the Whole. They are right next door to it, and it would take the veriest little *ping* to catapult them (and all the actors they are viewing within a conspiracy) into awareness.

They are looking at the very structure of the Love that we are, covered in fear’s drapery, projected out into physical reality as conflict and lust for power. There is only You, and You have always had all the power.

The You that you are separated out into multitudinous forms for the sheer joy of it. From there, there was curiosity. Could we forget who we are? Could we forget that we are always cradled in safety and love at all times? Could we enter into an experience where we didn’t know our true foundation in harmony, so we actually experienced separate wills, separate successes and defeats, that felt very real?

Think of it as getting into bumper cars.

You believed in the experience, and the belief kept you respawning and respawning and respawning, having flickers of remembrance of who you are.

Now there is an opportunity for more than a flicker. Now there is an opportunity for a wildfire. A deluge. Sound familiar? (A reflection of what was in the news at the time.)

Your collective consciousness, attuned to fear, brings a fear of love into fearful form. All mistakes of this sort are innocent, completely innocent. Once you know what you’re doing, you simply stop. You would not tread upon your own foot. It is too clear not to. It is not a question of morality or being good. Nothing is. You are always good, and nothing can change it.

What you want is to see, and to see clearly.

Once you do, and once you begin to, it’s viral. Your mind is always touching all other minds across time and space. You don’t have to write a word. You don’t have to speak a word. No one has to read a word. All the minds are connected.

As you see and live from this seeing, it simply spreads. Your viruses (computer and physical) are simply a fearful reflection of how knowing works.

Out there in the physical (the illusion your consciousness is projecting), anything at all can happen. As long as you are seeing clearly, you are open for the next square to light up. You know what to do. You know what to say. You are One with the All.

Think of the 100th monkey. It’s like that. Throw away old-fashioned ideas of enlightenment. Enlightenment exists in relationship, not within a person. If you expect to see manifestations of this knowing all around you, then you will. Consciousness is projecting this experience.

Going back to the idea that your relationships, and not your people, are infected with fear, there is absolutely no reason to blame or see deficiency in another. There is every reason to see each other (each and every other) as having an open conduit to love, to see that Love as their true identity.

Let’s look at your president. If your relationship with your president is infected with fear, you may see that Donald Trump is either someone worthy of attack or defense, or maybe a mixture of the two.  If you believe that he sows the seeds of disharmony in the physical experience you are projecting from consciousness, your relationship with him is infected with fear. If you believe that people just don’t appreciate him and you need to defend his integrity and ability to others, your relationship with him is infected with fear.

Now see if you perceive any disharmony around you.

Think of each and every mind that thinks of Donald Trump and forms an opinion about him that is either pro or con. Now look at all the seeds of disharmony that are raining down upon your collective experience with him.

It is not your fault. It is not Donald Trump’s fault. It is distorted perception. If you look at Donald Trump as a conduit for that which you truly are, and then you look at yourself as a conduit for that which you truly are, and then you look at everyone saying anything about him as a conduit for that which you truly are, now you’re getting the picture.

From that place, anything you need to do or say regarding any of your relationships simply becomes a square that lights up for you. It’s not conceptually-based. You just know. That’s harmonic identity acting through you.

What if everyone just stopped. For a moment. Took a breath. For a moment. Shook themselves like a dog getting out of a bath. That feels good. What would you see then? What are you afraid to put down?

Photo by Paul Talbot on Unsplash
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