Transformed vision

Why are we here?

We are here to recognize everyone (and let’s not forget ourselves) as who we truly are. When we recognize the beauty and wonder of everyone else here with us, our experience with them is transformed. It has to be.

When we see beyond who we thought we were in relation to one another, we are no longer projecting conflict out upon others and upon our environment. As our vision clears, our world is transformed.

What is real comes into focus for us, and then we experience it in our daily lives. Love is the only thing that is real. Fear is our invention that we used to obscure the love that can never be harmed.

I have been confused by environmentalism for years. Once I became aware of the judging mechanism and how it works, how it projects disorder, I got very confused about this issue.

There is nothing wrong with reverence. There is nothing wrong with appreciation, with connection, with flowing. When there are ones among you who have genuine reverence for anything, it feels good, doesn’t it?

But then if those same ones turn to accusation rather than their own power of transformation, it looks and feels backwards. They cannot see their siblings yet–not all of their siblings.

If you pan the camera way, way back, though, everyone causing a disturbance of one sort or another is sounding a call to awaken–to feel what has been blocking our vision and to realize our willingness to release it.

Every blessed one is on a path, and you can honor all paths. All are blessed. All are chosen. Each one has a particular form of effortlessness and ease to share with others across time and space. When it looks like one of your companions doesn’t understand their own power and is trying to change the surface by struggling and encouraging fear, first accept the gift by recognizing this tendency in yourself where it is still active.

You call all experiences to yourself. If you feel anything other than peace when considering another, thank them. They are providing you with the exact latitude and longitude of what is blocking inspiration in you. They are providing you with the exact location of the part of you that still participates in beaming the experience of disorder and conflict out into the world.

So what to do when you are given this location, this gift? Here’s how to accept it and to appreciate their role:

They have pointed to something still active in what you perceive to be a your separate self with separate interests. Feel that location. Feel where the pointer is pointing. It doesn’t feel good. You may have names for these feelings, but they are all fear, all illusion.

Now realize or remember your willingness to release fear in all its forms. See the sibling who brought this willingness up to the surface in you. Thank them silently or however it feels natural for you.

Your next step is the exchange of gifts. Your sibling, the one who showed you what to release, has a particular gift of effortless and ease. You have a particular gift of effortless and ease. The way these gifts are expressed in form is different. When your heart is open, when you can see how your sibling is helping your vision to clear, the way is clear for the exchange of gifts. You walk on from that experience with that person (and it could be someone you’re thinking about, someone you will never meet in person) appreciative and more inspired.

This is a radically different way of viewing the other, no? It’s called seeing through conflict. It’s called accepting all the gifts you bring to yourself because you asked for a means of release of the old and acceptance of the new.

This is the process by which the perception of conflict is cleared, making way for true vision. Once you are seeing truly, you begin to experience the harmony and peace that you know you and all others are. Your world (always a collective projection) begins to reflect that.

This is the song my daughters have been asking for over and over again: “”Gain! ‘Gain!” It has to be the one with the baby. 😊

Photo by Tim Marshall on Unsplash


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