Releasing what you embraced

As the layers melt, we come to see what has perceptually separated what we consider to be our separate selves from other selves, perceived as equally separate. They are layers of fear in all its components–anger, frustration, hostility, guilt, jealousy, helplessness.

When you access one such layer, you may be tempted to condemn this whole process of letting go. You may be tempted to condemn yourself as a separate one for having such horrible feelings bound up in what you perceive to be yourself.

Know this: The only way you can perceive your interests as separate from another is by building up these walls, and these walls are always made of fear in all its variants.

Your willingness to feel what these walls have been to you is part of the process of melting them and allowing a stronger experience of ease into your day-to-day. You feel what never has been on its way out. It never has been because your separation from others is the illusion–not the reality. You are releasing the illusion, and on the way out, you can see that this illusion has been dependent upon the Wholeness that you are embracing fear.

When you see this, you know that your willingness to release fear is a very real thing.


Photo by Alessio Lin on Unsplash

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