Love story: Back and forth get married and live happily ever after

The future is coming. The future is coming. How do you feel when you hear that?

Does it feel as if something which is not-you is rising up to meet you? Is it an alien force that could hold threat? Or is it the gentle embrace of your own self?

At different moments it probably feels like different things. Think of all this back and forth, this vacillation between one extreme and the other, lifting from the fabric of your life and rising up, up, up into the light. See all of the opposites, the highs and the lows, merging as they rise, finding themselves in each other, becoming whole in the light.

This is what is happening across your planet right now. This is what is happening in all the minds across your planet right now, and all of those minds are connected. All of the contradictions and opposites are rising to the surface, coming into the light. Once there, if they are not reacted against or met with the force of a separate will, they are free to lift up out of your experience and return to wholeness in the light.

Then the day-by-day and moment-by-moment experience of wholeness is restored to you.

In the meantime, you may experience that back and forth tug and pull while you complete release of what you never needed. If you see anyone out there in the world caught up in the same–a world leader, a mass murderer, a person who seems closed off to you, someone who challenges you directly–you can see how much you have in common.

We do not jest. When you’re caught up in the back and forth of confusion, you are innocent. So are all the other guys. Even though they chose the confusion, they don’t remember yet. They’re busy rushing toward this and running away from that because they think they need to. Do you remember when it was like that for you?

It was like that for me this morning–so intensely I couldn’t believe it–and then this tremendous wave of energy came and left me feeling so different.

Good, but almost a little bewildered, right?

Yes, like I didn’t know how to think anymore. Or maybe now I’m more in touch with my inner knowing that all thinking coming from separation (and I can feel the difference now) is…well it’s almost like a fantastical creature now–like an animal I’ve never seen before, even though I know I just lived it and I continue to experience the echo of it.

It’s like…oh my goodness, what have we all been doing during all these lifetimes of sleep? And oh my goodness, where do we go from here? I see my toes at the edge of a precipice with the opportunity to jump in safety. And to keep jumping. And keep jumping. Into the new creation, that is. It’s a whole lot of oh my goodnesses. 

Here you are, where you’ve always been.

I can’t believe it! And I can’t believe that I don’t need to believe anything! 

We’ve been telling you for a while that there’s no need to believe or disbelieve anything at all. You can just listen with the intent to benefit. And then you jump. And then you jump. This is appropriate as we approach the season of your Easter bunny. We expect to see you hopping along the horizon, trying your newfound abilities.

When you’re doing that, those other guys, the ones who haven’t remembered that they’re very confused yet, they’re going to notice. It’s going to floor them. It’s going to make them stop what they’re doing because something other than the back and forth of grab and resist is calling them. Suddenly, the old game looks very pale. Not interesting.

They’re seeing all these hoppers out there–people creating in knowing connection with all that is–and it calls to something in them that could never die. This is a really beautiful part of the show. Can you feel the burgeoning of that within them, even now?

Can you realize how their apparent negativity created a deep yearning in you for truth and an eventual willingness to recognize where you willingly co-created in negativity? You can offer them a genuine thank you from this space. They truly played their role in boosting you over the fence into fuller and fuller awakening, and now you get to return the favor by sharing the joy that buoys them up and over the imaginary fence, too. All are to be thanked. All are to be cherished.

Photo by Anna Samoylova on Unsplash

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