You are a love activator

You are a field of energy within a field of energy within a field of energy within a field of energy, even in your third-dimensional realm.
The Way of Mastery, Part TwoThe Way of Transformation, Shanti Christo Foundation

There is a roaming healer who visits you frequently. Whenever you feel tension arising, before you even attribute it to a lack in another or yourself or to limitation itself, hear the healer knocking at the door. Would you like to heal that? Why yes, I would.

Exhale – I am worthy of healing

Exhale- All others are worthy of healing

Exhale – I am willing to share healing

This suggestion of the three breaths is more to make you receptive to what always is–this opportunity for healing. It is never required as a ritual to earn something, but it may assist you in settling into the energies that offer healing to you. Just three breaths when you feel tension and would like to release before making judgments.

When that tension arises, without exception, it’s always because there is a feeling from the past arising, surfacing and looking to be dissolved in love. Here’s what you do sometimes, though. Sometimes you take that feeling and stuff it back down because it’s your only remaining sense of who you are, and as such you look to it for security and stability. It’s an old, old pattern, and it’s unwinding.

So whenever a tension is arising that feels like an ancient one, stop and give thanks for a moment. Say, “These are the times when these ancient misconceptions about who we are–they’re finally going to be embraced in the light of acceptance and encompassed by love.” All has always been encompassed by love, but now you’re willing to see it that way. Because you’re willing to see it that way, your experience will reflect to you more and more this release, this acceptance, this ease.

When an uncomfortable feeling arises that you’ve had a million times before, do a little jig. This is the moment. This is the moment when I’m finally willing to let go! Everything we experience in duality serves our return to Wholeness, and in that moment of celebration you are allowing those old, old feelings of strife to do their best work–the work that serves all. Ask yourself, “Would I like to release this, not only for myself, but for everyone? Would I like to do this today?” The answer is an easy one.

Your power of choice is the transformative power behind every experience. You are the energy of love, so when you notice that you are holding a thought of conflict, you can see clearly how you choose something other than love. The only way to choose something other than love is to fall into a dream, since there isn’t a true and real opposite to love. The energy of love simply allows you to explore in any way you will. Are you willing to see beyond the dream to the energy you truly are? The only way you would answer no to this question is if you are attached to any particular thing in the dream, and therefore attached to the dream itself.

Are you willing to set down all illusions today? There is nothing to fear from doing so. Let all the fearful suggestions arise as you think of dropping all attachments and allowing illusions to wash away. The thought of loss comes up, doesn’t it? So go into that feeling of loss that you have denied so many times before. That feeling of loss that you are projecting into a future entitled “What would happen if I dropped all my attachments and fears?”–that feeling of loss is all about a past choice to dwell in illusion. You’ve already lost in the dream what you could never actually lose–your full and complete connection to the love that you are. Are you willing to regain the awareness of what you never lost?

You regain full awareness by allowing yourself to feel those feelings from the past. You remember. You are the energy of love, and so are all others. All scenarios are fueled by the energy of love because you have the free will to explore. If you feel caught up in an exploration that isn’t fun anymore, remember that you chose it, and your power of choice is what transforms the experience.

In that knowledge and with that knowledge, you walk into various situations knowing that they are all fueled by love.  Even if those situations reflect a choice to experience disturbance, they are all perfectly set up with perfect role players to usher everyone into awakening. If you are aware of the gift you are receiving,  you become an active part of the healing available within each situation. You are a love activator.

You can see love in yourself, you can see love in others, and you see love in every situation that unfolds. Because you see it, you can bring the energy of love forward, and others can feel it, too. You have a divinely selfish motive for doing this, because as you play your role of activator, it feels very good, and you relax more and more. So go ahead. Be divinely greedy. Be the best kind of Selfish as you serve all.

Photo by Devin Avery on Unsplash

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