You have your finger on the switch

You have come to heal your sense of separation from God.
The Way of Mastery, Part Two: The Way of Transformation, Shanti Christo Foundation

You always have your finger on the switch that turns everything in your experience toward the service of healing. There is no circumstance in which you lack the power to turn all things toward the service of full remembrance of who we all are.

The world is insane, but all beings experiencing here are innocent, wise, loving and powerful. We are here to return to the remembrance of that. If you are reading this, it means that you’re playing an active role right now in returning the remembrance of our true identity to all of us.

It is not negative or critical to say the world is insane, because the world came to be due to choices for insanity, for experiencing an illusion–what never could truly be. Whatever we’re experiencing, without exception, it’s because we made a choice for it, and bringing healing for all into that experience simply means that we intend to see the reality behind the illusion. We consciously invite the reality behind our chosen illusion to make itself apparent in our world. Our world is a facsimile, an apparent location where what could never truly be can be enacted or experienced. That’s right. You’ve been in Disneyland, with all its thrills and chills. And now you’re returning Home.

Each minute detail within your experience of the world can be turned toward the purpose of healing. You’ve had this toggle switch ability all along. Have some fun with this. That rock over there, I now choose to experience it in the service of healing and remembrance. That loud vehicle over there, I choose to experience it in the service of remembrance of true identity. That cloud over there, I choose to experience it as fully in service to our return Home. All the people I meet today, I choose to experience our interaction in service to the Whole of All–our true selves. All the experiences I have today, I choose to walk through them, knowing that they are perfectly set up in the coming together of everything as we allow Heaven (truth or reality) to appear on Earth (our choice for something else).

Nothing that happens is ever unacceptable. All can be taken within the healing embrace of the love we are as we go on this remembrance journey together. What about the bad things? Shouldn’t we fight them? If we choose to stay at the level of fighting, then yes, we should. Fighting brings about a right so the wrong can be elsewhere. When you’re fighting there always has to be a wrong elsewhere.

When you realize that what you are and what your opponent is–what you both are is the energy of transformation–then the need for fighting goes out the window. The need for judgment goes the same way. The need for control dissolves because love can run everything, and you are that. You are always surrounded by that.

When you experience tension and a desire to control circumstances, turn that to the service of healing, too, because that is also a perfect event. If you can find nothing wrong with what is happening, something very beautiful happens. A whole new energy is allowed in where insanity reigned before. It’s the energy of your true self, our true self, and wherever we allow it in, it dissolves the strain and the strife.

What’s wrong? Nothing. That’s why peace can be experienced now. When we turn all events and circumstances we would judge over to the unwinding of all we think we’re seeing, we’re setting down judgment and allowing Love to tell us and show us what happens next.

This can be terrifying, and that’s good. The fear that arises as we consider setting down self-control–this is all the temptation of the ego, of the structure we set up to obscure our awareness that all is well as we play in the land of illusion and conflict and death. Can you imagine that? To go as far as having a believable experience of you, the unending, as having an end? You can imagine that because that is what you experience here. But you can experience anything here as you realize that you are the limitless, and you never needed to cling to limits for safety.

In your interaction with others, remember the truth of them. See the light, the power and the limitlessness. Turn all the circumstances that you appear to be in together toward the service of healing, and allow the veil of insanity to dissolve. When every interaction is placed in the service of healing, every interaction carries you one step closer to Home, to the awareness of truth.

Form’s job is to reflect. When it’s not reflecting the glorious truth of you back to yourself, it’s reflecting your choice to experience something else. At first, you see truly with your inner eye and use your experiences with form to remember the truth consistently. Not this, but that. And that–love–always encompasses and fuels this illusion I have chosen because extensions of All That Is, always joined to All That Is, are always free.

Right now, you’re remembering the truth and holding it in your mind, allowing old patterns to unwind. Next comes seeing and experiencing reflections of that truth in daily life. You see and accept the truth, and then you allow it to become apparent to all.

If you could see yourself in a experience beyond this lifetime, it was a deeply harmonious existence. You were not physical. You experienced the beautiful harmony of creations with your fellow beings, but still you looked here upon the earth plane and saw great suffering. You felt great compassion. You wanted to come here to help. Even there, there was a sense that something was wrong. You came here to heal that for yourself in a very profound way.

This means that every step back toward remembrance, every chain of successive moments abiding in remembrance of the Whole, it benefits all beings–even those who look to be the most harmonious among us. We’re collectively removing the sense of fear from our decision for the experience of separation and conflicting wills. We’re seeing the innocence there and dropping the guilt. When we can see innocence and drop guilt related to that first decision to experience separation (not to actually separate or defy our creator), we can see innocence and drop judgment regarding anything at all. We always benefit all as we do this. Healing is always shared.

For those who appear to be in a “lower” vibration, remember that they are our divine siblings, always serving us. They are reflecting our choice for this lower vibration perspective, and when we release and heal, we release them from their service of showing us what we’re choosing. When we accept healing, we leave a magnetic pull to remembrance because we have see them as who they are in the light of their service to all, even if we don’t remain physically with them.

All are helped by our remembrance.

Photo by Zoran Kokanovic on Unsplash

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