Inviting ease and healing into your experience

[Y]ou come to look at your beloved, if you are in relationship, and say: […] This being has nothing that I can extricate from them in order to fill up my sense of lack.
The Way of Mastery, Part Two: The Way of Transformation, Shanti Christo Foundation

We invite you today to notice the moment when you think you need to get anything from anybody–compliance, approval, appreciation, attention–anything at all. Each one of those moments is a perfect moment for release, for toggling over into effortlessness, ease and appreciation.  There truly is nothing that you need to get from anybody, and everything to be enjoyed from All That Is.

Every time you experience one of those moments of need, here is what is happening. You are rather insistently knocking on what appears to be a door, but it’s only an image of a door painted on a wall. You think this door can open,  and the separate being within can grant you what you believe you are lacking, but all that is possible is to make an illusion of that happening. When you catch yourself knocking on that image of a door, you can realize that there is not a truly separate being behind it. You can remember that all you receive comes not from truly separate beings, even though it looks that way, but always to you from the All of All because you are worthy of it.

If what you are receiving from the All of All in this moment seems to be negative, it is because you are receiving a tremendous opportunity to awaken and then move deeper and deeper into awakening, and it is because you asked for this help. Can you feel the tremendous power in accepting all and fearing nothing? You asked for assistance in realizing your constant and effortless access to the benign power of All That Is, and life experience rushes in to help you release all that blocks your perception of empowerment.

When you look upon your divine siblings, remember that you are differentiated aspects of the whole, but never truly separate. The exchanges that you are able to experience with each other are beautiful. You are all here to serve in the process of healing and awakening, without exception. When you make this healing and awakening the primary purpose of every interaction, you allow in all the experience and information that will serve you both. It’s a sense of being open to all and not blocking anything. It’s a feeling of being a perfect piece of the puzzle and needing no protective walls.

You seem to come to each other, incomplete, needing things from each other, but remember the truth that all are complete prior to any physical interaction. All will flow from that. One of the greatest gifts you can give to your divine siblings is to see them as whole, complete and perfectly placed right now. When you encourage yourself to see them that way, you begin to allow yourself to see who you are as that, too. You are whole, complete, perfectly served and perfectly supported in every moment. Are you willing to allow your experience to reflect this today?

Think of approaching someone during your day today, knowing down to your toes that you are complete and whole right now, and so are they. The purpose of your coming together is awakening and healing, although it may appear to be something else in your play of differentiation. In this space, the ease of inspiration can flow to you and through you as you interact with and appreciate your divine sibling, another wonderfully differentiated version of yourself.

You have everything to offer because you are everything, but nothing that you have to share. There is no obligation, no pressure, and no heaviness. In that space, you will find it very easy to share the energy of love and appreciation. You may find yourself sharing something in the physical, too, but the physical is secondary to the energetic. Try putting your primary attention on the energetic, and observe how the physical takes care of itself.

What you are is the energy of effortlessness and inspiration, and it’s what the other guy is, too. We delight in assisting you as you work with energies in all your interactions today.


Photo by gioia fabbri on Unsplash

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