Just passing through

Thoughts pass through the field of your awareness. They are neutral until you attach to them and give them significance. We invite you to notice which thoughts encourage a dualistic perspective. This would be a perspective of “This single thing is bad” or “This single thing is better than the rest.” When you notice these thoughts passing through the pristine field of your awareness, we invite you to view the territory through which they are passing. Look at the beauty, the innocence and the sparkling joy that combine as the purity of you, the purity you share with all others.

Allow the dualistic thought to come and go without judgment. It can’t harm anyone. If you attach to it and make it a part of your separate identity, this is you making an illusion of harm with thought, but the thought doesn’t truly harm anyone. When you truly see the nothingness of the thought, there is no need to attach to it through belief or through struggling against it. It only has all the power you give it.

Thoughts are not just out there. They come at your invitation. Sometimes you can feel plagued by thoughts. Let’s slow this process down so you can understand what happens with thought. You become aware of a thought within the field of your awareness. You assign it a meaning and a significance and judge it as good or bad. You may spend some clock time in struggle against it if you believe it is bad and has a power of its own. You may attach to it and then enact reactivity in your world as an expression of your distress about the thought. You always give the thought all the power it has.

You can sometimes hear the thoughts of others and mistake them for your own. It does not matter who seems to be the one who invited the thought. If it is passing through the field of your awareness, it is your opportunity to see it as it is–as meaningless until you assign significance and power to it. You can also see it surrounded by the purity, innocence and beauty of each one of you–of the one who called it forth and of the ones hearing it.

Do you remember all of the thoughts you thought at age 6? No, you allowed some of them to pass through the field of your awareness back into the nothingness from which they came. You already know how to do this. We just encourage you to apply this awareness of what thought is and how it seems to travel whenever a thought seems disturbing. It is actually sending out a helpful call for love. The disturbing quality of it is requesting that you turn your attention to the deep and vibrant love that you are, the deep and vibrant love that all others are, the harmony in which you have always abided. The disturbing quality of it is asking that you turn your attention to Reality instead of illusion. Thank the thought for the timely reminder. Now its work is done. See? No need to struggle.

If a driver met twenty hitchhikers on the road, would you judge her by the appearance of all the ones she encountered? It is possible to treat all “hitchhikers” that seem to pass by you, all the thoughts of which you become aware, with love and light and kindness. If they reflect the truth of you and all others, how nice. How wonderfully they reflect Reality. There is nothing to be done about them.

If the thoughts are a reflection of disorder or disharmony, they are to be thanked. Thank you, thought, for the opportunity to gaze upon the field of awareness that surrounds you. Thank you for this moment to notice what is true and what is nothing at all. Every time you take a moment for gratitude, the quality that the thought seems to have just eases and disappears. Call them sanity breaks. This is what clock time is for.

When you allow a thought to dissolve into the nothingness is always was, you do not magnify the illusory quality of this thought and share it with the collective. You dispose of it properly. We have referred to ourselves as celestial garbage people before. What makes you think you are any different?

When you approach thought in this way, you are actively allowing the assistance that is always there for you. You are expressing your willingness to see correctly, and we thank you for that.

Let’s go slowly for a moment. We’ll look at a negative thought. Let’s take a thought of reactivity to the news. The thought is this: “The world is in a sorry state.” First of all, if you accept this thought as true, take a moment to see this thought sending out invitations to all of its close friends: “Attention friends! I have gained a sense of power and reality in this host! Come party!” And then that thought’s friends will come to make themselves a part of your separate identity.

Of course, this identity is false, but within the illusion you all believe the separate identities to be the truth of each other. In other words, you may still truly believe that it’s possible for one to be good while another is bad.

There are some different levels of confusion. Let’s say that thought passes through the field of your awareness: “The world is in a sorry state.” If you believe it, you have given it a home in a separate identity. You may know, however, that the original target of the thought was someone else. You’re just picking up on the transmission. So you may think of that other one, “What a shame and what a pity that the other one believes such thoughts as this. The other one is truly contributing to a sad world. What shall I do?”

That is simply another level of confusion. In projecting out the problem onto another person, you are missing the moment when you gave significance and power to a thought that is actually nothing. The thought is nothing, but when you empower it as a separate identity, you are making illusions. Meanwhile, you are looking at another and thinking how unfortunate it is that the one over there is making illusions. It’s just another level of confusion.

The only thing to do with such thoughts is to give them a decent burial. Allow the dead to remain dead.  They are dead upon arrival. It is only you who gives them a false reality, either by believing them as a separate self or by projecting them out as the structure of other separate selves. Separate selves are built of thoughts, but separate selves are never Reality.

Remember this when you judge a thought. If you judge any separate self for it, you reinforce a false structure. You declare that what is powerless has power, and so it must be according to the five-sense experience. So just set down the confusion and see things as they are. See the beauty of the field of awareness before the thought arrived on the scene. Thank the thought for the reminder to focus your attention on Reality. Watch as it fades to the nothingness it always was.

All That Is is always there for you. Keep your attention there.

See Mind as an ocean. In your illusory world, beings experience by choice in an ocean of dualistic thought. Can you see how confusing this is? You seem to have thoughts pulling you this way and then pulling you that way. This thought seems to oppose that thought. But if you look at the sparkling and joyful field of awareness that receives all thought, then you can see all thought is in very good hands. You can rest easy. The thoughts that tell you all is well and the thoughts that tell you of the loveliness of your brothers and sisters, the loveliness of your Earth, the perfection of all you experience because each situation is perfectly designed for remembrance–all these thoughts reflect Truth, as long as they exclude no one.

It seems that you clean up this ocean of dualistic thought, but you merely allow the ocean to be as it always has been. You allow yourself to see the truth of a Whole that has never been polluted.  Through the compassion of understanding how thought works, you allow yourself to be an instrument of perception change. When you are willing to allow the perception of Reality over and above any illusion egoic thought would make, you invite your sisters and brothers to show up undisguised, as the beautiful beings they always have been.

We thank you for your willingness to see through the false, and we celebrate as you appreciate the true nature of all beings having the human experience.

Photo by Bruno van der Kraan on Unsplash

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