Returning history to love

I just heard the most fascinating thing about history. My nonphysical friends have been sending me insights about it when I’m open, and it finally clicked for me today.

Across all of time and space, all events are happening now. Awareness affects all events. Love can transmute anything.

In this world, we have a collective agreement that we will believe in a static past that can’t be changed and a future that we can’t reach from the present moment. In reality, unity and harmony affect all things the moment we allow the perception of that.

This is the part about putting our toys down when we outgrow them, as we move into unity consciousness.

Also, I learned so much about what a focus on the past means. We can misapply the idea of now-focus and think that we must leave the past behind, but when our ideas of the past return to us again and again, they are coming to us because we are ready for healing. If we consider those thoughts, notice where fear comes up, reaffirm our willingness to release fearful perceptions, and remain in stillness until we feel peace, we have met that memory with compassion.

Meeting the past with compassion and willingness to heal is love. Appreciation is also love. So if we are looking upon one who appears to be stuck in the past, we may not fully realize that the person we’re looking at is meeting the past with love by appreciating it. If we’re looking at one who appears to be stuck in past negative judgment and we feel any degree of unrest about it, it’s a mirror. It’s a sure sign that we will be presented with opportunities to meet our perceptions of the past with love.

When we are able to meet perceptions with love, understanding and compassion, they dissolve and true vision takes their place.


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