Attention: Deficit Disorder

I get the most lovely perspectives from the nonphysicals. I know they are only the larger part of myself, yet I experience this as a receiving and a creative expression together. It’s a true joy.

Anyhow, a perspective on people who have been labeled ADD popped in. It was so beautiful.

It showed me how people who are easily distracted have actually succeeded in linking with many minds, not quite consciously, but in a way they perceive through the input of a constant stream of thoughts and feelings.

When it shows up as a disorder, it’s actually reflecting our own disorder back to us. They are showing us what is in our own minds, and it is very unfocused and confused. Their success is in demonstrating it. Their success is also in their ability to be open. They are already open. If they can understand this, it is a wonderful starting point for true focus, not ego focus.

Ego focus is painful. True focus is effortless yet fueled at first with intention.

I notice a judgment in me related to labeling. The labeling can be helpful when it brings people into contact with their strengths and their connection to others.

Photo by Gratisography from Pexels

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