Allowing personalities the space to transform

You react from fear, but you respond from Love. The more you notice fear operating in your life, the more chances you have to notice your willingness to release it. The more you notice your willingness to release fear, the more you respond rather than react.

A beautiful thing happens when you respond from Love. You snip all the fetters between your personality and all others.

When you rely on love to guide you, you do not need another personality to perform in a specific way, but you do trust the flow of Love and what life brings to you.
When you allow love to guide you, you do not place demands upon other personalities, but you are able to act in harmony with them.
When you trust in love, there is nothing to resist in separate personalities, but there is everything to learn from, everything to appreciate.
When Love is who you are and who everyone else is, you see right through the personality to the true being of light beneath. You invite that being to the surface.
When Love surrounds you in every moment, there is nothing anyone else needs to understand, but words come through you anyway, and they feel right.

When you release all personalities in your perception, you do the same for yourself. You cannot free others without also freeing yourself. This invites you and everyone you’re with to step into a space of pure potential. You do not need anyone to change for you, but when you release others from the bonds you have unconsciously placed upon them, they have the freedom and the space to step into freedom and allow transformation.

In other words, in the presence of one who can allow love, that ability is magnified in others. When we react from fear, personality dominates and rules. When we respond from Love, we and others in our presence, even others we think about or who think about us, feel a new ease and a lighter sense of inspiration that fuels response rather than reaction.

This freedom, lightness and openness is the basis of miracles. Miracles are an effortless rebalancing that can flow through one who allows Love, who responds from Love. They are the air you’re meant to breathe and the water in which you’re meant to swim as long as you are expressed through form.


If you are reading the Love’s Beginning book, here is the next chapter:
Chapter 12 – Surrendering to the unknown
The unknown is Love–the only thing we have ever feared.
12.1 The voices

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