I address “you” in this post. When I do that, I’m taking dictation from the inner voice about something I am learning.

A bubble is floating up to the surface. It contains healing.

In any situation in which you feel strife, within yourself, between you and another, there is an opportunity for healing. It’s possible to welcome the awareness of strife because you can see an opportunity for release there. Seeing that opportunity is certainly cause for celebration. Think of it as a restoration to wholeness.

Going back to the bubble, it is a gift that accompanies every instance of strife, without exception. If you believe your fearful and contracted thoughts about the situation, you command the bubble to sink back down. The bubble is obedient to your separate-self will, so it moves away until there is another opportunity for release.

If you enter into blame and harsh action, that is merely a result of believing your fearful thoughts related to the situation. Although we make a big deal about the action that follows the belief in fearful thoughts, take a moment to appreciate the impact of the belief. The belief is very powerful.

Can you look upon all actors upon all stages across time and space? Can you look at all instances of blame and harsh action? Can  you see the innocence in all of them, without exception? Without exception, all of the blame was fueled by a belief in a fearful thought. Without exception, all of the harsh action was fueled by a belief in a fearful thought.

Now look at your life, from birth until this moment. Look at all instances of blame Look at all instances of harsh action. All fueled by your belief in various fearful thoughts. All innocent. When you know better, you do better. You didn’t know any better. You do know better now.

You are perfectly placed to offer forgiveness to yourself and others. You are perfectly placed to share the power of knowing better, knowing what will feel better, with anyone you meet, often without words or action. That’s how powerful awareness is.  It radiates. It flows like water to wherever it is needed. It inspires you to whatever actions and
words are needed, but it never feels like effort or obligation. That leaves you free to enjoy and appreciate.

Go back to the bubble. What if you see it for the gift that it is in the midst of a situation of strife? If you unwrap the gift, you allow yourself to recognize that the negative emotion you feel is fear or one of its many variants. The gift, every time, is the awareness of fear within the situation, and the awareness that it is yours. That puts the power in your hands, every time.

I recognize that I am feeling fear
I recognize that fear is something I choose
In my willingness to release fear, thousands of nonphysicals stand ready to assist me
Releasing fear is not something I do alone
The willingness is mine
The recognition and the willingness to release is my gift
I give this gift
I give thanks for this situation that brought to me the opportunity to give this gift

When you give the gift of your willingness to release the fear that you chose in every situation of strife, the gift you receive in return is the strength of inspiration and the wonderful, loving quality of peace.

You became accustomed to handling situations by knowing what to do. When you are willing to take a backseat in the knowing-what-to-do department and focus on the willingness to release any fear that is arising, inspiration takes care of resolving the situation that brought you the gift of healing.

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