Opening your hands

Anything used in the service of building and reinforcing the separate self can also be used in the service of the return to Wholeness.

When you feel an expansive emotion, your hands are open to receive and to give. Inspiration can flow through you to others.

When you feel a contracted emotion, you are holding a bird in your hands. If you are aware of what is happening, you will open your hands to allow the bird to leave. If you are caught in blame and a sense of something other than you being responsible for your emotion, you are placing the bird in a box and using it as a brick in the edifice of the idea of separate-you.

When you remember to open your hands, you are believing in your true Self of Wholeness. When you hold the bird, you are believing in a separate and vulnerable self that can be victimized. Over time, the feeling of putting the bird in the box will feel too heavy to enact, so you allow the idea of separate self to die.


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