Simple directionals from Home.

I keep hearing this phrase.

Simple directionals from Home.

I know there’s more to hear, and when I sit down to tap on the keyboard, I’ll get more. Why are you calling them directionals instead of directions? That’s been bugging me.

If we called them directions, you associate that with times that you have been told what to do and bossed around. Or times that you believed that was what was happening. You don’t like that feeling.

When we call them directionals, it’s a hybrid of direction and signal. You can think of them as signals from Home, guiding you back to where you want to be. It’s very easy to follow a directional once you’ve received it as such, because it feels very natural and very good.

When we think of all beings acting together in harmony for the joy of all, the first thing that pops into mind is the loss of the free will. This is not true. You always have a choice to toggle over into fear. It’s just that after a while it is very obvious not to do that anymore. Fear hurts. Following directionals is flow. It’s ease. It’s joy.

It’s just another way of talking about clarity. You always have access to clarity. You stop. You let your stories about the situation go. You listen. You receive. You are learning to be always-receptive, always-expressive.  Expression doesn’t necessarily mean speaking or acting. You may be silently communicating with other minds throughout space and time. You simply join with us in unity, and who we are in unity flows through you.

You *are* the All of the All. So is everyone else. There is only one of us.

What is the only thing that keeps all the apparently separate parts of the whole from showing up as harmonious with each other? Listening to fear.

It’s never a problem with a particular personality or condition, no matter how it seems. Under the perceptual cloud of fear, all beings are and always have been celebrating and creating in harmony eternally.

As it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be. Look at that Wrongdoer or that Annoying One and know to the tips of your toes that who they really are is utterly harmonious with All That Is, and that could never and will never change.

There’s your basis. There’s your stable foundation. There’s God.

Now look in the mirror. Same thing.

There’s your basis. There’s your stable foundation. There’s God.

Listen. When the simple directionals from Home show up as fearful thought, it’s only because you’re seeing the coating of fearful mist on top of them. You’re looking at them through a cloud of fear.

The simple directionals from Home are a steady pulse calling you back to yourself. They never stop. They couldn’t. They are Love, and they are eternal.

Photo by Bryan Minear on Unsplash


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