You are as you have always been

Awakening requires that rather than merely going with the reactions of the third-dimensional being, you begin to question, you begin to observe, you begin to feel, you begin to think more deeply.
The Way of Mastery, Part Two: The Way of Transformation, Shanti Christo Foundation

Good news! You don’t need to change anything about yourself. There’s nothing left to do. The ego doesn’t like to hear that, though. Can you feel that? Even though there’s nothing left to do, the doing still happens. You’re here, hanging out in time and space, and the doing still happens. The experiencing and the expansion still happens. Change still seems to happen.

Take a look at the source of your doing today. Take a look at where the doing comes from and how it feels. You will find many points of contraction where you can invite the original energy of you in. What do we mean by this–the original energy of you? You are love. You started out that way, you have remained that way, and you’re waking up to the reality that love is all you have ever been. You’re waking up to the reality that love is all the other has been, too. As you wake up, you can invite this original energy of you (and of everyone else–everyone’s true identity) into any point of contracted energy.

If you’re honest with yourself, there are many areas in which you are wishing for improvement. You have desires and preferences, and it is to your advantage to be upfront and clear about that. Your desires and preferences are not wrong. They are part of the fabric of differentiation leading you back to harmonic creation with your divine siblings. You can see and experience the wholeness that you and all others are, and you can also experience the differentiation within that wholeness as you create. All desires reflect the one desire to return to oneness, and you can see them as leading you back to that as you accept whatever is coming up for you today.

There is no need to change or improve who you are because you are as you always have been. Awakening is a process of rediscovering that. Instead of thinking of changing yourself, you can think in terms of uncovering stability, uncovering balance, uncovering abundance. As you allow yourself to see clearly, the experience of these states flows into form. As you discover your true identity in abundance, you also discover the identity of all others, without exception. This is truly a journey we take together, and everyone is here to help us on our way.

Awakening invites you to love yourself, thereby opening the door to loving your fellow beings. You are able to love truly and unconditionally when you see that there is nothing to oppose and that all conditions have been invitations to awaken from this state of believing that all difficult conditions precede and block you. When you come to see that what you are (and what the other guy is and always has been) precedes and encompasses all, you can see that there is nothing left to forgive. Anything at all that arose from your decision to live in separation was an experience you chose, but it was never real, no matter how good the special effects were.

Gradually, you will realize your power to allow a sensory experience in a timeline that represents the reality of harmony, freedom, abundance and creativity, and that will become what you experience. In other words, you will allow yourself to live on a New Earth, and the old Earth will have passed away. Everyone has the same destination, and no one can get left behind, unless they decide to create an experience of that for themselves. If they do, even that experience is temporary and ends in the same realization of the Self in Love.

Awakening is intense, because as you allow yourself to become aware of the great tension to which you have been clinging to keep all of your third-dimensional limits in place, you feel that tension  on its way out. You also feel this tension if you’re about to return to something you’ve let go. Remember when you feel tension that it’s very much to your advantage. Returning to patterns you once embraced would feel unbearable to you now, and that’s as it should be. Allow the tension to be your guide as you continue to release.

Every time you see through another limit, another illusion, we feel the expansion of that and rejoice that you are returning Home.

Photo by Sanketh 🌐 on Unsplash

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