Dismantling the wall to allow love in

We would like to go deeply into what happens when you refuse to feel a feeling. We think of the ego or false sense of self firmly establishing itself around age two, but even in the womb, you contracted in reaction to the energy of fear. Your ego-personality is made up of components of all those times you contracted, thereby enhancing the sense of separation. The wall you built up to protect yourself from the world is what we call your personality. There is also your personality-in-differentiation, and that is merely the flavor of you, a flavor that harmonizes with all others. When you give up the wall, you don’t give up the beautifully individuated flavor of your expression.

In moving through the process of awakening, you intentionally dismantle the wall you built to protect yourself because you can see now that it blocks the flow of love that would express itself freely through you in joy in all moments. Seeing the advantage of taking down the wall, you begin to dismantle it, forgetting all about protection. Sometimes you realize what you are doing, and the ego has a chance to loom large and suggest all sorts of dire consequences for removing this protective wall. You are coming to know that this wall is what holds pain inside, however.

Let’s go to a time between the ages of two and four when you felt upset about something. The first thing you were aware of is that you felt awful. You didn’t like this feeling you were feeling. The reason you were feeling this feeling is that you were believing a lie. You were feeling subject to a limit that was not real, and in struggling against this powerless limit (only powered by you), you fell further into unreality. Falling further into unreality feels awful.

No one told you what was happening with you energetically because the people around you didn’t know, either. You just knew that you wanted this feeling to end, so you referred to the physical. You looked for a cause because you were told that cause and effect happens in your physical world and nowhere else. You found a cause in a person, also struggling, also blind. You began to believe additional thoughts about this physical situation you found yourself in. You may have been convinced to think of yourself as bad, further intensifying the feelings. You probably believed additional accusatory thoughts about the other. You began to see these thoughts of disturbance as truth, and you used these thoughts to build a wall to protect yourself.

Everything that has happened in your life was perfect and led to this moment of awakening, so you can forgive all of that in order to see the benefit in it. How better to help humanity than from the position of being firmly enmeshed in dysfunctional energetics? From your position of being firmly enmeshed, think of what happens when you send love through all these thought conduits that once encouraged dysfunction. Truly, you are perfectly placed, and so is everyone else.

Now think of a time in your very recent past when you felt any sort of tension or unpleasant feeling. You were believing a lie. You can approach this in innocence. “Oh, that’s so interesting. I wonder what lie I was believing to bring up this feeling in me.” Feelings are helpful signals, and when we allow ourselves to feel them without finding a cause in the physical, we are doing the undoing work of freedom, and that is something we can share with others immediately.

You experience negative feelings when you are believing lies. Just sit in that for a moment.

The feelings come as a service to you to deliver you from illusion. Sit in that for another moment. Let’s take this slowly.

As a practice, you could try thanking your feelings. “Thanks for coming to me to let me know what is going on.”

Here is the reason we’re moving s-l-o-w-l-y on this. We are doing dismantling work with you. We thank you for doing it with us.  The habits related to building walls are so deeply ingrained that moving slowly through the process will help you learn a different way.

When you find a cause for your feeling in the physical, you are attempting to find relief from that feeling through blame–blame of other, blame of self, blame of conditions. You attach to the idea that what you are and what surrounds you is limited or less than love in some way. You attach to lies.

So you had the feeling. It was a very helpful indicator that you were believing a lie. And then you pile more lies on top of that lie in order to escape feeling that feeling. You did it because that is what everyone else was doing, and it’s insane.

All the insane aspects of the world you’re living in, they come into being because of all of these insane thoughts believed. All the insane aspects of the world that surrounds you are reflections of this insane thinking pattern. They reflect it back to you. That’s why it’s a good idea to take full responsibility (but never blame) for all the conditions or actions you find wrong or damaging. You have all the power, and everyone else has the same access to it. Benign and healing power is the only true power there is. All of the conditions in your world and life are constructed out of the false power of ego, of separation, of blame.

As you allow truth to return to your world, you heal it. As you understand the true cause of your feelings, you allow the world you are projecting to heal. As you become willing to find the lies you are believing and to set them down, you allow the world to transform. The reason you can be such a big part of the transformation is because you are responsible for the world. Responsibility is a reflection of your power, and it is always an opportunity.

So you believed a lie. You felt a bad feeling to alert you to the fact that you were treading the ground of insanity, and instead of sitting to clear up the lie you believed, you believed a bunch of lies on top of that. You may have done that yesterday. And then you sit down and watch your news and wonder what everyone’s problem is. That’s the problem. That’s the only problem. And the problem is unreal.

Through returning your focus to love, your are placing your attention once again on what is real, and you are allowing that to flow back into your experience. Here is our invitation to you today: When you have an unpleasant feeling, invite yourself to see what lie you were believing. Before you go charging into the physical to try to manipulate people or situations in order to fix them, address the energetic level first. You may have nothing left to do beyond that, but if there is something to do, inspiration rather than lies will guide you.

Here is another invitation: Whenever you notice yourself labeling along the lines of
I am ___________.
She is __________.
This is _________.
…substitute love for what you thought or said.
I am love.
She is love.
This is love.
We are standing by when you do that. Now ask us (yes, we truly are always surrounding you) for help in seeing it that way.
How can I see myself as love?
How can I see her as love?
How can I see love at work here?
We are with you, and we will help you see correctly. When you see correctly, you don’t believe lies. When you don’t believe lies, you stop manufacturing disorder in your world. You begin to allow healing wherever you go. This feels very, very good.

When you work with love energy consistently, you’re allowing it into form and sharing it with others. When you’re working with love energy, you’re working with reality instead of that which was invented to obscure reality. You’re allowing reality to return to Earth so it can replace the false world of conflict you manufactured.

Today, you are a window washer. You’re going to bring clarity wherever you go. Think of yourself as having an overflowing basket of clarity to share. When you’re tuned in at the energetic level and getting your head straight, you’re sharing that energy mind to mind without saying anything. Think of the impact of doing this in a workplace, for example.

One more suggestion. When you hear yourself thinking “I should ________ ” in a way that feels more burden than opportunity, suggest this to yourself: “I should see this as an opportunity to discover love.” Ask us for help in seeing it that way. We are with you, and we delight in being of assistance to you.

Here’s to a day of working closely together.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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