Stand still and steady in the light Every time you don't feel good, you are experiencing an invitation into greater truth. There can be a loop you can get into with negative emotion. You experience it, and then you judge yourself as separate and defective for having experienced it. We wish instead to give you an image of going down through … Continue reading Stand still and steady in the light

Rest is always available Rest from the conflicts to which you attach is always available to you. That rest is a silent glow, always available to you within. In the light of this rest, all false concepts dissolve. When you feel pain during the day, it is a signal that you are attaching to a false concept. Attaching … Continue reading Rest is always available

A fresh mind Bring to this moment a fresh mind. A fresh mind is untroubled by concepts of the past. A fresh mind is unburdened by an obligation to figure anything out. A fresh and open mind comes with the certainty that all support needed is provided in every moment. A fresh mind allows all others a … Continue reading A fresh mind

Presence dissolves lies Think of presence. What is present in this moment? What is alive? No matter where you are, who you are with, or no matter what is happening, Love is present and alive. All else is illusion. The challenge is to walk through your day remembering this. The opportunity is to see that in each … Continue reading Presence dissolves lies

The unimportance of details More important than any detail is the Whole. When you observe yourself getting caught upon judgment of a detail, it is the perfect moment to wake up. There is something for you here, something that is always beyond and prior to any judgment of any detail. There is something deeper, something untouched and untouchable. … Continue reading The unimportance of details

You are not here to be fixed Your fear cannot be taken away from you, but you can surrender what you view to be a form of protection. Look at the distinction here. When you feel fear, there is also a belief that the act of blocking what truly Is is a useful and valuable thing. This belief must melt in … Continue reading You are not here to be fixed

The timeless will eclipse the timebound Your thoughts make the world you look upon. Stated more accurately, the thoughts you choose to believe make the world you look upon. Two sets of thoughts are always available to you. You hear the thoughts you value. When you realize that stressful thought is not valuable to you, you allow yourself to hear … Continue reading The timeless will eclipse the timebound

The only gift we can give Here is today's gift, and the gift we give every day: What we offer you is the realization that you are victim to nothing. If you are victim to nothing, then no one else in your drama can be victim to anything, either. If it appears that there are victims, remember that this is … Continue reading The only gift we can give

Allowing ego’s logic to fall apart Your purpose is to let all of the illusions go, and you have endless and abiding assistance in doing this.¬† It's not really a doing; it's an allowing. It's an allowing yourself to see what has always been here. It's a realization that you have been holding something up in front of what has … Continue reading Allowing ego’s logic to fall apart

True responsibility Let's explore the idea of responsibility today. Responsibility is often viewed with the idea of heaviness or burdens. The idea of accumulation, of increasingly heavier and complex burdens, often accompanies the idea of responsibility. The idea of fault is sometimes used synonymously with the idea of responsibility. When responsibility is seen as relatively empowering, … Continue reading True responsibility