The moment you are aware of a negative thought, your willingness to feel it shines a light upon it. Since it has no real structure and no real ability to affect anything, it dissolves.

You don’t need to fear the power of thoughts. It is your own belief in thoughts that gives them power. Rather than fearing nothing, look closer and see your own power.

Powered by inspiration and love, your own benign power flows effortlessly.

Look at the fear. Embrace the struggle. Don’t deny them. Don’t insist that they go. They can’t go. They aren’t even real. They turn into realistic experiences when you believe in them and treat them as real.

Negative thoughts don’t feel good, so in our innocence, we attempt to find a location for them outside ourselves. This explains all the disorder we see in the world “outside” of what we believe to be ourselves. We project the negativity out there to preserve innocence and good feelings here.

When we wake up to the safety of our creative power, we never need to project again. We can just watch the habits unwind and allow the inspiration to flow in.

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