Finding compassion

When you try to solve someone’s problem, you have accepted a burden. Feel the energy of that.

When you try to solve someone’s problem, you are assuming they have a problem. So your focus is on a problem instead of on being together with the one in front of you. What do you want to do with problems? You don’t want to experience them. You want to make them go away.

If someone is in pain and suffering, and you want to help, if you do it though fixing you are actually trying to take your own pain and suffering and stuff it down. If what appears to be their pain and suffering is activating something in you (always a memory, always from the past), it is much better to take a moment to acknowledge that.

Why are you in this situation where someone is in front of you exploring pain and suffering? We’re using this term exploring provocatively to remind you about creatorship without a sense of blame.

Within the illusion, the tendency is to believe that suffering is happening because of general victimization (being the victim of life) or because someone is to blame, maybe yourself. You can bring something new to the illusion.

From the perspective of creatorship, you brought this experience of someone experiencing pain and suffering to you. No matter what is in front of you, it helps to experience it as an opportunity.

If their pain and suffering activates your own, and you’ll know this is happening because you won’t be at peace, you’re being given an opportunity to release something from the past, to see something in a new way.

Life is always your helper, in every situation. All Life requires to come to your aid, often in the form of motivation and inspiration, is your willingness to heal. So the person in front of you is experiencing pain and suffering. You want to help. You’re also not at peace because something from your past is rising to the surface to disturb it.

Keep it simple. Recognize that a time in the past when you turned to fear as a guide is surfacing. Acknowledge your willingness to accept healing, to accept help in releasing old patterns. Affirm your choice of love. Don’t attempt to enact love yet. Loving action and speech will make themselves obvious to you when you take the time to affirm your choice.

If we pause for healing before we attempt to fix, we are not fixing from a place of pain and suffering ourselves. We are not trying to push the other one away by denying their pain and suffering.

From a place of compassion, we can listen. From a place of compassion, we can see others truly. From a place of compassion, we have inspiration to act. From a place of compassion, we are not labeling problems and burdens. We are simply open to what wants to come through us.

From a place of compassion, we’re not worried about the other guy. We stand ready to serve. When we serve in this way, we cannot possibly lose. Service from compassion is never a sacrifice. When you wait to let true compassion come online, there is no sense of conflict.

Photo by Harli Marten on Unsplash


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