Projecting from sanity

In the wake of any revelation, I always become aware of sheer, unmitigated terror that infuses daily interactions. It’s difficult not to lose my shit when I see that.

You’re looking upon the sense of separate self as it actually is. It depends upon and feeds off fear. It is fear. Fear is an experiential invention that went viral. It is not reality.

People of the world who suffer from anxiety? You are pretty smart cookies. You’re seeing something about us all that does not work well. Every time I learn something new, I gain profound appreciation for those in life experiences that demonstrate to us that there is something definitely awry with the sense of separate self and our dependence upon it. They step forward to show us how it isn’t working, and we see it as their individual dysfunction.

If you do not see it as their individual dysfunction, and you don’t anymore, that is everything. Seeing truly takes care of everything you would do in form. It makes everything obvious. When you’re having a difficult moment, remember willingness. You are willing to see clearly. You invite clarity.

The only thing clarity has ever done for you is to enhance your willingness to drop fear and to drop the sense of separate self as a guide and as a reference point. Remember when you sense that terror that it has come into the light of awareness. It can’t survive there.

Much like a child’s nightmare fades from within a parent’s embrace, the terror recedes in the light of awareness.

Can we talk about how my environmentalism fell off the map?

Environmentalism through the lens of fear simply gives you more environmental battles to fight, more evidence of environmental dysfunction to meet with solutions. Remember that you are projecting an experience into consciousness. You can project an experience of harmony and function just as easily as you can project an experience of lack of alignment with the natural world.

Don’t use this as a basis to judge anyone on the spectrum of environmentally oriented to environmentally oblivious, however. Each being has its own path. If the being is following what feels like inspiration, love and life, then there is no problem with the action. If the being is suffering, then the actions they take in the world keep the fear and suffering going.

Having reverence for all that surrounds you is appropriate. It’s a natural expression of who you are. You might want to get in touch with what actual reverence is instead of trying to enact it and then judging others who are not trying to enact it. That’s what you used to do when you lived in an ecovillage, and the experience of living there woke you up to it. Look at how valuable that was. Try to call it a failure now.

It doesn’t matter where you are living. It doesn’t matter what you are doing. If you feel inspired and full of life, you are truly helping. In order to go where inspiration leads you, you need to drop all the judgments and stay open to all things.

Clinging to a set of preconceived ideas on any topic will block inspiration and leave you as a separate self rather than a harmonic self joined in union with all that is. It will leave you believing you are that separate self instead of knowing the Self that you are.

When you project experiences out into consciousness, you want to do it from sanity rather than from insanity. If fear is present, the awareness of that is an invitation to stop and regain a sane perspective. Sanity projecting into consciousness creates experiences of environmental thriving and oneness with humanity. It will look like this unfolds over time, but remember that there is only one moment–now. It all scrolls through the field of your awareness.

Photo by Nghia Le on Unsplash


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As we allow our attachment to separation perception to unwind, we are invited to see through the duality of good vs. evil, forgiving  and undoing everything.
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