Think about the resonance of Om, many voices joining in the sound, how that feels. Now consider daily life.

You have resonance happening all the time. There is harmonic resonance. Tune into the feeling of that for a moment. There is discordant resonance. Tune into the feeling of that for a moment. Remember that you are always connected to all beings across space and time.

Which pond do you want to dip your toe into? It’s your choice, always, and you’re now waking up to that. As you wake up to this more and more, you become more sensitive to discordant resonance. It’s not that you’re engaging in discordant resonance more and more; it’s that you’re awakening to how you have attached to it and called it yourself.

Whenever you are experiencing discordant resonance, you are looking toward the past, experiencing yourself as the ego, a fear-based structure, and shutting down your capacity to create in love, in harmonic resonance. This is always, without exception, a choice.

Think of fear as a really great salesman. Fear is so convincing that you hand your own power over to it. The result is the experience of negative outcomes.

You’re always right here, right now, held in complete safety, always creating lovingly in harmonic convergence with all other beings across space and time. If your experience in form differs from the reality of you, it is simply because you, as a powerful creator, have given all your attention to fear for a moment.

Because of time, in each successive moment as you experience it here in form, you can choose again. The choice is always yours, and nothing can take that away from you.

So let’s go to a situation in which you are experiencing negative resonance. It’s not due to the situation. It’s not due to the person. It’s not due to who you are or some defect that you have. The negative resonance you are feeling is only due to your decision to look to fear, which is always located in the past, as a filter through which to view your experience.

Now let’s take the same situation and call some help into it. You are experiencing negative resonance in a situation with people. Doesn’t matter who is there, doesn’t matter what is happening. You wake up. You realize that you have been referring to fear to show you what is happening and to make judgments about it.

A little help here?

Use that as your call for assistance until you don’t need it anymore. Call on us for help. When you do that, we come and join you in that situation. That means the Wholeness of you has come into the experience. It’s just a matter of seeing, and we will help you to see it correctly.

When you are feeling harmonic resonance, you are connecting with and magnifying those potentials in form across all of space and time. When you are feeling discordant resonance, you are miscreating in form. Innocently, always innocently. The moment you realize what you are doing, it is very natural and easy to stop.

So you realize what you are doing. You ask for help in returning to awareness of your true Self. You create in harmonic resonance.

When you call us to come to you, you may feel great emotion. Remember that this is the release of fear. We are there with you,  and as long as you maintain awareness of us (of your whole, true Self), the emotions pass though your awareness on the way out. It’s a reverse birth, and we are your midwives. We send fear back to its nothingness. It never was anything other than belief in false structure, in limitedness. Don’t be afraid to fear, as that calls fear back to you again. Simply witness, feel. Your willingness to feel your feelings now will make it much easier to see through the illusion of fear in the future.

You want a future that proceeds from this now moment, from who you truly are.

What you are is nondual. There is no conflict in it. Within form, however, you are called to loving expression. This is the magnetic pull of the Whole that you are, that everyone else is. Hone your ability to hear and follow that call.

When you do, the people in your experience will feel the call of Wholeness within themselves, too. The ways in which you find it easy to follow the attraction of Wholeness–you’ll be able to share them easily and wordlessly. The ways in which others find it easy to follow the attraction of Wholeness–you’ll be able to receive that gift from them because you won’t be holding them away in fear. You’ll feel at ease with each other. You’ll feel harmonic resonance.


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