Mind meld

While I have always felt feelings that didn’t feel like my own, the experience of hearing other people’s thoughts is relatively new. There have been some bumps along the road as I get used to this.

You’re realizing that mind is a shared space now. To the extent that you feel closed down to others or threatened by them (and ego is the essence of threat), you will find these direct experiences of shared mind unpleasant.

You had to learn to move through the grocery store in peace–not constantly disturbed by feelings and thrown off center. Now you’re learning to move into joy. You’ve achieved a sort of middle ground in letting go.

Why would you pull this experience to yourself of being in touch with other minds when it seemed you weren’t ready for the experience? Because you were ready to learn something new. You were never a victim of that experience. You wanted it. You wanted to experience the shared mind, and now you are learning to live within it.

Resonance is important here, and now you’re clear enough to understand what is happening and to open up to new things.

The timidity, sort of backing into yourself, being protective, not meeting people’s eyes–all that is to block out what you would be perfectly capable of experiencing now. You don’t have to open up. It’s not a task that you have to do. But as you feel increasingly safe and not subject to the blows of other people’s thoughts and feelings, you will naturally open up, smile, make eye contact. Just look forward to the experience of that without doing anything.

If you’re experiencing discordant resonance in the grocery store, it could be that you’re energetically bumping up against someone who shares your own dysfunction in tending to believe certain types of thoughts, so it feels magnified. In that sense, it’s a gift. It’s an indicator that shows you what you don’t need, what you can agree to release.

The discordant resonance could, however, just be a feedback loop you started–a sort of mini freakout about feeling people in this way, so you immediately back away. You think things like, “It’s not polite. It’s intrusive. I’m nosy.” And you back away as far into yourself as possible in order to preserve that space. To you it feels like psychic groping, and you’re the perpetrator. You pull back in fear. The simple truth of the matter is that all minds are joined. When you don’t make a big deal about it, it’s not a big deal. You’re not doing anything wrong. It’s just the way it is.

As much as you turn to fear in these situations because you think it’s the respectful thing to do, the fact remains that all minds are joined. When you can relax about this and the effects you experience, you experience more harmonic resonance. If you want to feel better, then drop the judgments about being nosy and intrusive. Let yourself be as you are–always joined with others. It’s not nosy. It’s just the truth.

When you’re not reactive about the thoughts and feelings entering what you would label as your space, they can simply go to the light and dissipate. In other words, the more spaciousness is present in you, the more releasing you have done, then what “you” are is a space in which discordant energy is transmuted into harmonic energy, effortlessly, without resistance or fear.

It’s nothing you have to do. It’s not a burden. It’s simply a benefit.

Let’s bring this down to the funny shorthand it always turns into. Genuinely happy and relaxed people bring joy to others without effort. It’s as simple as that. When you allow yourself to fall into it, it’s nothing that needs to be explained. It’s just ease.

Photo by Andrea Reiman on Unsplash


If you are reading the Love’s Beginning book, here is the next chapter:
Chapter 11 – Fear nothing, love everything
When you understand Oneness, and you feel that the everything wants to express itself through you in harmony with All That Is, there is nothing left to fear.
11.1 Not not-me

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