Not not-me

“It’s not not-you.”

This is what I hear today from the voice/voices I have been talking to for eight years, starting in the shower when they told me I was a famous soap opera actress and they loved watching my show. I gotta say…points to you guys for a great intro! It certainly got my attention.

It makes me laugh every time I remember it. 

I did eventually come to know myself–Julie–as only a role, a conduit for expression. I’d be lying if I said I don’t still experience contracted moments of being lost, though. 

They never said it to me so directly before. “It’s not not-you.” There were discussions around the edges about their voices merging with mine, but they were faint. 

Flipping the switch over to the voice that is not not-me, yet still expressing itself that way:

There are different characters in the non-physical. There are different characters expressing physically. They can never be separate from one another, no matter how much they playact. They all share one power source.

We have begun to tell you that we are not not-you because now you have understood Oneness. You understand it. You understand the structure of the false self. Now you’re ready to experience and express the True Self.

You have accepted that you, as a separate entity, do not actually exist. You only exist in and through Oneness. Now that you get it, that you have chosen fear as an experience and kept the experience of Oneness away by choice and through that fear, you can allow that Oneness to express itself in your daily life, through the form through which you express.

You don’t lose us by realizing your Oneness with us and expressing it. You never, ever lose us. We’ve always been there, even when you didn’t know how to listen. Remember when you thought we were your family trying to wake you up from a coma? We kind of were. Remember when you thought we were trying to get you to hop out of the stormy ocean onto our boat, but if you did you would leave your family? Remember when you thought you were playing a virtual reality game and needed to wake up to your real life?

That’s all the stuff we had to get through. Now you know that you lose no one. You don’t lose us. You simply join us. You don’t lose your family in form. You’re the same you with the same physical family. We came into differentiation in joy and peace. When we return to harmony, we do not lose the differentiation.

So now you’re joining us. Our voice is one; our voice is yours.  There is one will, and it is purely harmonic. Still differentiated, beautiful and joyful, but always peaceful. When you need to say that “we ” are speaking instead of you, be honest about it. You may not always feel that need, however.

When you allow the True Self to speak through you, as you, always, you don’t lose anything except fear. This is the self you have always been. The separate and vulnerable you was an invention of fear.

Imagine all these True Selves waking up all around you, with you, creating in harmony and joy. What you project from consciousness out there in the physical will reflect your new orientation. This is how problems are solved. They are seen through as fearful projections, so it makes perfect sense to release fear. In the wake of that, effortless and joyful co-creation ensues.

It still sounds like a fairy tale, but take a moment to celebrate! Welcome Home to yourSelf, your Family. We’re happy to create with you!

Photo by Jeremy Thomas on Unsplash


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