Throwing a cloak over love

You have an idea of trying to overcome fearful thoughts or not listen to fearful thoughts, but there is another way through.

The Harmonic Convergence, which is a term we are using here to represent all beings united across space and time as Love, is always in communication with all beings. All beings can choose to face toward fear or the pulse of Love that always comes from us to you. Think of the breath. Think of the blood pumping through the body. There is a never-ending rhythm of Love circulating through you and all others, and you can always choose to look in that direction.

Here’s where that metaphor gets tricky. When we talk of facing one way and then another, it’s only to reach you through this screen of duality that you have taken upon yourself in order to have an experience in this dimension.

You also think of the idea of “stopping your thinking” and subsiding into peace as a positive thing. Again, that concept reaches you in duality, but you can go deeper.

Imagine that you are always facing one direction. You receive a constant input from All That Is into your form, a pulse of inspiration that never leaves you. If you have chosen an experience with fear, which is the vacation-from-harmony package all of you chose, then you’re going to experience this as a mixture of thoughts that feel good and thoughts that don’t feel good. You accept your thoughts as reasons to react within your physical plane and to attribute cause and effect to specific and separate things.

As you start to pan the camera back, you begin to see how fearful thoughts are a temptation that you can decline. There is still a bit of fight or effort in this experience, though.

There is literally nothing to fear. Fear is nothing. It is an illusion, an experience that you chose. Having chosen to rely on fear for this experience…listen carefully…you taught yourself to be fearful of love, to be fearful of the whole truth that love would show you, because if you saw that truth, you (as you knew yourself to be–a structure of fear that you didn’t know was made out of fear/nothing) would die. Nothing dies. You, as you knew yourself to be–that just passes away.

As long as you are in the midst of a physical experience, however, you have access to the never-ending pulse of love from Home, what you are, that which you are. When this never-ending pulse shows up as a fearful thought, it means that you felt the approach of Love, feared the demise of your separate self, and threw a cloak of fear over the message from Home.

This means that every fearful thought disguises a helpful and loving impulse, a simple direction from Home, but you have thrown a monster’s disguise over it. You keep yourself listening to fear and yet fearing the approach of love that fear is hiding.

When people say that they don’t think and feel peaceful about it, they mean that they are experiencing a period of time when these pulses of Love are so effortless and easily accepted that they don’t feel like anything at all. There is flow. There is just Life expressed.

When you are aware of a fearful thought, you sensed the approach of Love, feared the demise of the separate self, and threw the cloak of distortion over that which would otherwise inspire you. Imagine this multitude of gifts that you have been hiding from yourself! The fearful thought is inspiration, distorted by you.

Now that you know that you’re the cloak-thrower, you can’t unsee that.

Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash


If you are reading the Love’s Beginning book, here is the next chapter:
Chapter 8 – Moving from reaction to response
When you learn to see through the density that arises as reaction, you pave the way for response to enter your experience. Response heals.
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