Welcome to the team

Let us tell you more about divine will. Let us say this slightly differently, now that you feel yourself merging. Let’s all feel together about divine will. Let’s, on purpose, pool our resources and listen to what comes. You, Julie, get to share that. Don’t shy away from your role–it’s only a role, so never take it too seriously, and it’s a wonderful thing! You wouldn’t be here tap-tap-tapping on the keyboard if this co-creative endeavor did not feel wonderful.

This feeling, this pooling of resources, is how you are beginning to live your life. You let more and more of this type of functioning in each day. You check in with the Harmonic Convergence (yes, titles are silly, but if they have temporary value and effect, then they do), your True Self, and from that calm and tremendously creative space you receive. Then what to do is clear, and the path is clear in front of you to enact it.

To enact it. Getting that script feeling? But you’re one of the script writers. Your hands are not tied. You’re a participant in the script-writing as we ease this drama into harmony.

When you enact from fear, take deliberate action from that place, it doesn’t turn out well. Or it may appear to turn out well in the short run, but ultimately it feeds this fear machine you all have going here and have forgotten how to to leave.

Feel the significance for a moment of knowing how to leave. Now remember that all minds are connected across time and space. Feel the effect of that pathway to freedom opening up in you, through you.

In the past, you thought that to submit to Divine Will was to lose your own. That’s only because what you identified as yourself was a fear-structure. Now that you know who you are, you are discovering your true autonomy. You are a creator. The difference between your false self of fear and your True Self of union is that you are now a creator in unity.

In the past, you began to understand the flow of the divine will through you, and you thought it required some large sacrifice that you would never be able to make. It only required your seeing and your willingness to remember. Each separate self of fear–it is very afraid that it will be punished for separating intentionally from divine will and creating a structure that acted destructively on its own.

Children, listen! This is a playroom! You have only been in a playroom playing with your trucks and blocks and dolls! The effects here seem very real and believable and important and unforgivable, but there truly is nothing to forgive in the sense that you see it. A loving god (all energies unified in harmony) would not make it possible for you to destroy the peace of the whole.  The peace of the whole has never been disturbed and will forever remain whole. You have done nothing wrong except to get lost and to participate in a self-torture mechanism called fear–a mechanism you invented for the experience of it.

You took a virtual vacation from harmony. That is all. When we’ve been calling to you, we’ve just been asking you to put the headset and the goggles down. If you allow us to be your primary information source, we will guide you beautifully through the rest of this incarnation, and you won’t be passive. You’ll be creating pathways through your illusion with us, and it is such fun. To be fully conscious that you are co-creating with us at all times–what joy. It feels so good that it’s inevitable. You’ll allow this state more and more, and you’ll allow it to strengthen within you.

How do you allow it? By noticing fear and releasing fear. It’s become so clear to you that fear is an obscuring cloud that it’s not allowed to run things anymore. That’s not entirely true. There are still old patterns, and you are allowing those to dissolve because it’s clear that fear and control coming from a separate self was never your friend–it was an intentional experiential invention in which you became lost.

You have been found! You have allowed yourself to be found! And now you’re allowing what’s left of the structure to break down and crumble. As you do this, we will find it much easier to work together. Imagine the Julie project team high fiving right now. This is as big a breakthrough as when you began to hear us.

We now have access to a sister-actor present within the illusion at this very moment. Imagine what we can all bring to the illusion together. No, really. Imagine. It’s part of the creative process. You’re just a conscious part of the project-team now.

Photo by gn dim on Unsplash


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