The most beautiful game level

Go way, way back. Back to the beginning of what you consider to be this lifetime. Even in the womb, you felt tension and contraction, relative expansion.

As you grew into awareness of a separate self, there was a point at which you began to understand blame. There was a moment when you understood yourself–your individual self–to be the locus of something wrong, something that had affected others negatively in some way. You began to see yourself as wrong and in need of fixing. You believed the blame.

And then you began to blame others. Blame always begins and continues in innocence. Quite simply, when you know better, you do better. You only hold onto blame as long as you believe it will serve your or others in some way. You only hold onto blame as long as you believe it truly brings clarity or power.

When others blame, they’re innocent. When you blame, you’re innocent. Think for a moment of babies who just need to be cared for. We want those caregivers to be clear and loving. That’s all we can do for anyone else–to get clear and to allow love to express itself through us.

In any situation in which blame is arising in you or another, take a moment if you can to chuckle at the madness of heaping blame on top of blame. You don’t want to blame the blamer, yourself or another. Congratulations feel nice, though. If you can, turn to congratulations–our congratulations to you. You are looking at an ancient impulse being enacted, an ancient impulse being believed in. If you are just looking at it…just looking–you are bathing it in loving light. Loving light dissolves imbalances and invites inspiration in.

Think of being caught in a net. The way to escape from this net is to relax into it. As you relax into it, as you offer it no resistance, you flood it with loving light. You dissolve the illusion of the net to which you have been so committed. You are able to see the harmony and function that has been present the whole time.

This is very much like realizing you are the game player instead of the character. In order to come into full realization that you have been exploring within a game, you need to become still and see through the game story, to allow the awareness of your role within this game to return. You aren’t going to wake up and leave everyone else playing. You’re going to play the most beautiful game level ever as your character participates in helping all the other characters see what fantastic roles they have been playing.

In order to see through the game on a consistent basis, you need to become internally very still because we here at Home in the nonphysical are very happy to guide you through each step of the level.  Keep listening.


Photo by Christian Fregnan on Unsplash



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