The homing beacon of desire

Desire leads you Home. Yes, in this world it appears to lead you on goose chases toward ephemeral and meaningless things, but focus on the core of desire. At the core of desire is that simple call for Home. Keep that flame burning bright. Know it for what it is every time it arises, and … Continue reading The homing beacon of desire

Allowing the clearing of distorted perception

We're going to help you let go of the struggle for authorship. There seems to be a little you struggling to stay in control, to survive somehow, yet you know there is a Big You, a unified Self, who would run everything quite simply if you would allow it fully into the storyline. As little … Continue reading Allowing the clearing of distorted perception

Let go of the pendulum

We are recommending that you let go of the pendulum. All of our messages have thrown what we are calling the pendulum into sharp relief for you. They have helped you see where the pendulum is active as an apparent centerpiece of your life, and now we are just coming right out and saying, ‚ÄúLet … Continue reading Let go of the pendulum

Allow the Divine playwright to script what comes next

You don't know the conclusion to this story. You seem to be traveling through time as a character in a story. You are in the process of becoming detached from the idea of your character (and therefore from what you perceive to be everyone else's character) and from the storyline itself. This can feel painful, … Continue reading Allow the Divine playwright to script what comes next

Emerging from misperception

I have been sick for the past few days--like not-able-to-do-much sick. As I wondered why I couldn't just vibrate myself out of it, this came to mind: If you still had resistance running, wouldn't it be a favor to you for it to come up in a very tangible form that you can't ignore or … Continue reading Emerging from misperception

The gift of sanity

We are here to decrease your workload. You're welcome. You don't have to work so hard. Everything will roll along very nicely without your interference. Whose interference? We call it the apparent interference of a character who fears love. You have been projecting out an image of yourself because that's what everyone else does. When … Continue reading The gift of sanity

Beingness everywhere

Whenever you are fatigued, you have been attempting the impossible. It is actually impossible to show up as a separate you. Efforts to distinguish yourself from others--all comparative efforts--are fatiguing. So when you wonder why you are exhausted, it's always the same cause, every time. You have been attempting the impossible, and the feeling of … Continue reading Beingness everywhere

A thin tissue of lies

You have been lying to yourself. This is good news. It is good to know such a thing, to be able to admit it, to look at it. Pay attention. Every time you feel fear, this is you attempting to hold onto lies you never needed. You can stop kidding yourself that fears are about … Continue reading A thin tissue of lies

Shutting down the nightmare factory

You Are, and because you Are, you cannot be anything separate from what you are. That means you can't be a deficiency, but you can play a role within an illusion. The same goes for everyone else. Your ability to see through and beyond roles quickly is what allows you to remember yourSelf, to be … Continue reading Shutting down the nightmare factory