Traveling together through time, beyond time

You are accustomed to a set of perception, a mode of perception. These perceptions are intertwined with a host of thoughts believed, and many of these thoughts are lies. They make perfect logical sense in the world of the separate self, but they are still lies. You know they are lies by how they feel. This is beyond the logic of the separate self. This is beyond the logic imposed by an entity that is cut off from the whole.

Take a look today at logical thought processes, how one thought leads to another. Take a look at the foundation of these thought sequences and see where fear is revealed. Take a look at the foundation to allow it to crumble in the light of truth, so your true foundation can become evident in your life, moment by moment.

The idea of the separate self is built up around perceptions of the body. Take a look at all the body-related thoughts that cross your mind today. Which ones are you tempted to believe? Notice how the idea of a separate self guards its perceptions about the body like precious gems. It doesn’t matter if the perceptions and thoughts are positive or negative. As long as they build up a separate identity, they are in alignment with ego function. You, as love, decide what thoughts to entertain, to believe. You, as love, build up systems of concepts and belief. You, as the love we all are, can allow perception to be healed. The power is always yours, and it could never be any other way.

Are you willing to throw open the doors of perception, to allow perception to be altered? Are you willing to allow the unknown? Feel in to the locus of that which fears the unknown. The unknown can only ever be love, and if you say yes to it, again and again and again, the apparent power of that locus of fear diminishes. The power you actually are arises in your perception. You simply know to refer to that power for everything now. And when encountering your brothers and sisters, you remain sure that they are that power, too. There is no greater confidence than this–confidence in everyone at the same time.

What do you have to protect? What is yours? What must you struggle to maintain? What do you need that the moment could not give you? Let anything that arises come into this space. Look at what you are choosing instead of the love that has always powered all, including the illusion. Are you placing power in an illusory fragment, or do you know deeply that you are that power, that all is encompassed by and permeated by that power?

What would the witnessing awareness of mind tell you that the filter of concepts called the separate self wouldn’t? Would you like to hear that voice today, in response to every query? Would you like to be guided from activity to activity, toward rest, by that which powers the voice that is truly yours? What could you value more than this? Ask yourself this question honestly, and notice what you appear to value during the day.

Each time you appear to value something other than the peace and love that you are and can experience right now, notice that you have the ability to set that concept down. You have the opportunity to release that thought and place your focus upon what is true. You are love. You are peace, and anything that appears contrary to that is illusory and therefore very, very flimsy. If it appears strong and fierce to you, it’s because your belief in it is strong and fierce, too. Shift your belief over to belief in your actual Self, your shared Self, and all that extends from it.

We stand with you, today and all days, as you are willing to drop what you don’t need and to remember who you are. Wherever there is willingness to see what is real, we are actively assisting you as you allow yourself to go deeper, as you allow your perceptions to be cleansed. It is our joy to remain by your side as you travel through time, beyond time, back Home.

Photo by Mathew Schwartz on Unsplash


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