You are here to realize the extent to which this experience is both chosen and illusory, and you are here to share that realization. Think of yourselves here on Earth as flower buds. You are here to bloom, and to share that blooming with all across the planet. It is already done. The petals are already unfurling. There is really nothing you can do to stop this inevitable process now. What we can do for you is to help you to understand and appreciate the inciting events of the unfurling as they unfold.

What we are, what you are along with us, encompasses what you think you see, which is only the outpicturing of mind activity. Stop and say that to yourself a few times today. This is only the outpicturing of mind activity. Try to find a few moments when you have begun to take things quite seriously, when heaviness or conflict seems about to predominate. “This is only the outpicturing of mind activity. It is innocent. It is neutral.” Say that just a few times. Allow that drop of water in the pond to ripple outward.

The truth of you is that you abide with us as all times. When we have become far distant from you, it is only because you have placed elements of your five-sense experience between what you perceive to be your separate and scrambling or vulnerable self and the wholeness we represent. Take a moment. Laugh. Take a breath. Return to us. Invite us to walk by your side. Invite us to share with you the information and impulses that will make the way easy and gentle for you. When you keep your focus there, you are able to share this ease and gentleness with others.

You know how people seem to be hypnotized by their phones, by television? That is Earthlings with the five-sense experience and the weight and importance you give it. There is nothing at all wrong with what appears to be your collective phone fixation. Instead of being critical of it, thank it for the huge clue it is. It is a very helpful demonstration of how you can stare at and react to the world you made while completely ignoring all that surrounds you all the time.

Everything that you would criticize or rail against is a very large clue of this nature. It reflects you all back to yourselves, always as a service. See if you can locate a few of these today. Take the time to chuckle as you see the reflection. Take the time to appreciate what a very fine job the actors are doing in demonstrating it to you so beautifully, and they don’t even consciously know how perfect they are! You’re perfect, too. You couldn’t possibly do anything not to show up as perfect for all others on their journey to awakening. Could you have better news than that? Isn’t it time to relax and appreciate now? What do you truly have to defend against?

We are always calling to you and available to you from across the very thin veil of illusions. We are always here, right by your side. It is only illusions that would make us seem far beyond you. Together, we will recognize illusions as illusions today. We will laugh. We will appreciate. And we will expand in joy. We are doing it right now.

Photo by corina ardeleanu on Unsplash

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