Seeing through the disguises to ever-present light

The very simple truth of us is that we are all innocent beings, because innocence is all there truly is. Allow that to sink in. Anything that appears contrary to that is a signal about the perception your are choosing. This now moment is always for the purpose of allowing correction of perception wherever conflict is felt and believed in. Beyond that, once perception is clear, it is for the extension of love, and not even that. You see, love extends. That’s what it does, naturally, ceaselessly, and that is what you are. That is what all others are, too. You are here to allow this truth to return to your perception, so you can actually see and experience that.

Every time you see anything other than innocence in a fellow being–anytime we see and identify any flaw at all–we are gazing upon and believing a costume, a disguise. All of these costumes and disguises are what you are projecting due to your choice for separate and conflicted will. Anytime you are seeing guilt or flaws or lack when you gaze upon a sister or brother, go to the cellular level. Feel the innocence and purity of the life vibrating in each cell. See that expanding out. Connect with that. See that love and light filling all of what you perceive that brother or sister to be. See that light and truth extending out beyond what you perceive to be their body. Return to sanity. It is always your choice, always your option.

You seem to move through time, yet time is not real. What are you going to allow to run your experience–concepts about time or that which encompasses time? What does it feel like to relax back into that which encompasses time when you notice you have become attached, by choice, to time-based concepts. Watch yourself making those choices to become attached. Those are very valuable moments. Notice what there truly is when you withdraw your attention from the time-based concept. What suggestions, what notions, what impulses come from that place? Where and how do you move next when your attention is abiding in that which encompasses time?

That which encompasses the apparent limits of time always supports your choice for it. Your choice will never be taken away because it is inevitable that you will see that peace is real and time is not, and you will choose for peace. There can be no other ending to the limit of time than this. Time was always meant to be…well…temporary. Time is a way to pretend that you can start and end. You are indulged in this belief as long as you choose to hold it. And oh, your great, great power to choose. Can you see it? Can you feel it? It is the greatness and mastery of you. It is what we all share, always in innocence.

So whatever remains of time, turn it over to the purpose of forgiveness, the purpose of seeing through all apparent wrongdoing across space and time. Forgive every apparent contradiction to love because love is all that is real. With each act of forgiveness, of seeing through separate definitions of value to the Whole, you allow love to pierce the illusion and to flow into your world. It is very beautiful weaving work you are doing–weaving the light through the illusion as you see that it is there and always has been, making it visible to others.

When you are dedicated to forgiveness, everything that plays out in time is perfect for bringing forgiveness about. When you are tempted to judge events or the value of a separate self made only of a group of fearful concepts, remember this. Remember that each event is precisely, exactly, what the world needs now. When you meet it with acceptance, nonjudgment, and abiding awareness of the love you and all others are, always, you are able to extend love and to release any remaining attachment to separation and contraction that you have. Your awareness of the whole can only get stronger and stronger now.

Everything you need is always present within this now moment. We remind you that this is all energetic, and you are always in contact with the energies that assist and guide you. Step forth in confidence, knowing that all knowing can come to you from the now moment. There is nothing you have to remember, although this begins as a journey of remembrance. It ends in abiding awareness, and we remind you that awareness is always less than a breath away from you. We are always less than a breath from you, and we are always delighted when you allow us to assist you. Every time you withdraw your attention from the illusion to rest a while with us, you are allowing the connection that keeps our assistance ever-flowing.

Photo by Fred Heap on Unsplash

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