True north

Notice when you are evaluating something and attaching a value of good or bad.

Realize that there is another way through.

You have chosen to make the ego the evaluator of experience and determiner of preference, but there is another way through. You can choose again.

When you put evaluation in the hands of the Whole Self, you receive what you have been asking for–simple and unmistakable direction. Clarity.

What will happen if I give up the ability to choose right and wrong?

You place the power in your own hands–the hands of your True Self. Love. You choose Reality instead of illusion. You accept the simple moment-to-moment guidance of Love itself, the true identity of you and every other being. You are guided by safety and stability itself.

The unstable–the ego-in-charge–cannot accurately determine what will bring stability, what will benefit all. You can remove the power from its hands.

You, as Love, coming through this body, one with us at all times, have been confused. You have been using a faulty compass to guide you instead of waking up to the fact that you are Knowing itself. You have been looking down at this compass believing that it is the only way to know where you are going.

Sound familiar? Think of the outcry about people being absorbed in their phones instead of “real life.” Everything in form has something real to communicate. (Remember to let the true evaluator judge the phones, too.)

Put down your faulty instrument and accept the only sure guidance there is–that of your very own Self joined with all others at all times in all places. This is how harmony comes into experience.

Photo by Natalie Rhea Riggs on Unsplash


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