I’ve been thinking of channeling, how it’s a normal function of referring to the true Self. As I’m writing about this, I’m aware of receiving “new” information and concepts, so it does feel like a collaboration between personality acting in form and that which we all are.

It’s a well from which anyone can draw. People who are really skilled at one thing or another draw from this well. They may have put in a lot of hours over time convincing themselves that it is possible to perform certain actions to a certain standard, but all effortless ability comes from the same source.

The practice and training people do is attunement to that which we all are. It’s focus. It’s allowing new information to come.

Can you imagine allowing yourself to learn a new language overnight? I’m now realizing that the formerly impossible is certainly possible. It’s all a question of belief and expectation.

When I receive information, it’s often in the form of a seed concept or phrase, but I know within that seed, all the rest will follow. I just need that one idea or image to let me know there’s something to say, and then the saying happens from the willingness to allow it.

It feels as if there’s a collective awareness coming forth of the presence of this deep well, but it will manifest in many forms. Okay, what am I doing…making predictions now?

It doesn’t feel right to make predictions about specific events, but it does feel right to intend to express and share the harmony that magnifies the experience of it.

Now, when I look upon others, I can see the awareness I am expressing in this form coming through them in the form of what they are expressing. I’m told that the more I see this, the more the experience of it is magnified. I ask if this is a little bit like controlling others, and I’m told that appreciation simply invites the shared awareness of love, even as we still appear in form.

Photo by David Klein on Unsplash


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